How To INSTANTLY Improve Your Wood Carving/Power Carving

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  • Relief Carving Projects & Techniques: Expert Advice and 37 All-Time Favorite Projects and Patterns (Fox Chapel Publishing) 3D Relief Carving Step-by-Step with Over 200 Photos (Best of Woodcarving)

    • ASIN: 1565235584
    • ISBN: 1565235584
    • Brand: Design Originals
    • Manufacturer: Fox Chapel Publishing

    Inside Relief Carving Projects & Techniques, you'll find tried and true projects and patterns to create an assortment of compelling relief carvings for the home and beyond!37 projects and patterns from Woodcarving Illustrated magazine—the woodcarver's authoritative source for over 20 yearsStep-by-step instructions & photosTips & techniques on pow... [Read More]

  • Power Carving Manual: Tools, Techniques, and 16 All-Time Favorite Projects (The Best of Woodcarving Illustrated) (Fox Chapel Publishing) Step-by-Step Instructions, Original Patterns, & Expert Advice

    • UPC: 858924002118
    • ASIN: 1565234502
    • ISBN: 1565234502
    • Brand: Design Originals
    • Manufacturer: Fox Chapel Publishing

    Take your carving to the next level with step-by-step projects and expert advice from today's top power carvers! 16 favorite projects from Woodcarving Illustrated magazine—the woodcarver's authoritative source for over 20 years Step-by-step instructions & photos for projects including animals, plants, a Santa, jewelry, walking sticks, and more M... [Read More]

  • The Complete Book of Woodworking: Step-by-Step Guide to Essential Woodworking Skills, Techniques and Tips (Landauer) More Than 40 Projects with Detailed, Easy-to-Follow Plans and Over 200 Photos

    • UPC: 748628112308
    • ASIN: 0980068878
    • ISBN: 9780980068870
    • Brand: Design Originals
    • Manufacturer: Landauer Publishing LLC

    The ultimate step-by-step guide to essential woodworking skills, techniques, tools, tips and tricks.Comprehensive guide filled with information for woodworkers of all levelsMore than 40 projects, with detailed plans and materials lists for both indoor and outdoor furnishingsOver 1,200 photographs, step-by-step instructions, helpful diagrams, and il... [Read More]

  • Accessories for the Foredom and Dremel for Jewelry

    • ASIN: 0988285878
    • ISBN: 0988285878
    • Manufacturer: Whimsey Wylde

    Expand Your Jewelry Skills With Brad's "How To Do It" BooksFlexible shaft and hand-held motor tools are a tremendous help to those who make jewelry, improving both the productivity and the quality of work. But with such a bewildering array of different tool bits to choose from, and new ones coming out every year, it's difficult to pick the best bit... [Read More]

  • Dremel 689-01 11-Piece Rotary Tool Carving and Engraving Kit

    • UPC: 821079169302
    • ASIN: B000L9T4C0
    • Brand: Dremel
    • Manufacturer: Dremel

  • QLOUNI 20pcs Rotary Bit Burrs Set HSS Tungsten Carbide Wood Milling Burrs with 1/8''(3mm) Shank for DIY Woodworking, Carving, Engraving, Drilling

    • UPC: 611702421286
    • ASIN: B076DQZKXB
    • Brand: QLOUNI
    • Manufacturer: QLOUNI

    QLOUNI 20pcs Carbide Rotary Files Features 20pcs high speed steel carbide rotary burr in Assorted shape, fits Dremel Tool can meet most of your needs, for drilling holes, engraving, carving, wood working High speed steel Features as solid, can last for longtime, not easy to get wearing Tips: The Cutting heads are not very sharp tools, work in the s... [Read More]

  • Dremel Flex Shaft Rotary Tool Attachment with Comfort Grip and 36" Long Cable- 225-01- Engraver, Polisher, and Sander- Ideal for Detail Metal Engraving, Wood Carving, Sanding, and Jewelry Polishing

    • UPC: 709730206811
    • ASIN: B0000302Y8
    • Brand: Dremel
    • Manufacturer: Dremel

    The Dremel 225 flex shaft attachment has a flexible, 36-Inch shaft that attaches easily and adds an improved level of versatility to your project. The Quick connect attach system allows you to easily attach the flex-shaft to your Dremel rotary tool. A 5” bend radius provides more flexibility and fits comfortably in our hand. The integrated shaft ... [Read More]

  • SE 82331TF 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs, Grits 120-150

    • UPC: 706569020519
    • ASIN: B000P49BX8
    • Brand: SE
    • Manufacturer: Sona Enterprises

    SE is proud to bring you this professional assortment of 30-Piece Set of Titanium-Coated Diamond Burrs, Grits 120-150. It is great for filing brick, ceramics, fiberglass, glass, gold, metal, plastic, platinum, rock carbide, silver, stone, tile, wood, and anything with a hard surface. This set includes various sizes of the following shapes: Ball Co... [Read More]

  • HOMEIDOL 10pcs 1/8 inches Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Rotary Files Diamond Burrs Set Fits Dremel Rotary Tool for Grinder Drill, DIY Wood-working Carving, Metal Polishing, Engraving, Drilling

    • UPC: 784008700437
    • ASIN: B076D4Z8LX
    • Brand: HOMEIDOL
    • Size: Size 1
    • Manufacturer: HOMEIDOL

    Sweet reminder: We HOMEIDOL is the only one seller for this listing: B076D4Z8LX, 10pcs 1/8 inches Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Rotary Files Diamond Burrs Set, we never authorized anyone else to sell, and we are always prodvide the great product to every customer. Beware of buying fake and shoddy products from other sellers. Features for Carbide Rota... [Read More]

  • ZFE Diamond Burr Bits Drill Kit For Engraving Carving Rotary Tool- 1/8"(3mm) Shank Pack of 90Pcs/ 3 Sets

    • UPC: 702382469252
    • ASIN: B016HUCKSG
    • Brand: ZFE
    • Manufacturer: ZFE

    About the product ➤Very popular drilling burr tools used by Jewelry Designers for drilling holes in Beach Sea Glasses, Stones, Rocks for making Necklaces, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets. ZFE tools have multiple layers of fine industrial diamond particles bonded to the tips which provides for longer drill life. ZFE tools are excellent for drilli... [Read More]

  • DerBlue 50-Piece 1/8-Inch Shank Diamond Coated Rotary Burrs Set Fits Dremel Rotary Tools,Diamond Burr Set for Jewelry,Glass,Stone,Ceramic,Gemstones Lapidary (Small Head Style)

    • ASIN: B01M0J8E29
    • Brand: DerBlue
    • Manufacturer: DerBlue

    Fits most major rotary machines brands, use to grind glass, marble, rock or jeweler. useful set for fast cutting, carving, etching, grinding, sanding and more.Product Features:1. 50-Piece Diamond Burr Set2. Grit: 1203.Shank Diameter: 1/8-inch4.Designed for Rotary Tools5.Comes Organized in a Plastic Storage Box for Easy store and carryPlease Note:Fo... [Read More]

  • Kutzall Original Flame Burr 1/8" (3.1mm) Shaft. Coarse, Tungsten Carbide Coating: Woodworking Tool for use with Dremel, DeWalt, Milwaukee, Makita Tools. 1/4" (6.3mm) Dia x 1/2" (12.7mm) Len FL-14-E

    • UPC: 818050020233
    • ASIN: B0037MO8HY
    • Brand: Kutzall
    • Size: 1/8" Shaft: 1/4" Diameter x 1/2" Head Length
    • Manufacturer: Kutzall

    Kutzall tools are fast-cutting and long lasting, designed to work easily and efficiently where other conventional tools fail. Their tungsten carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth that rapidly remove stock and last 7 to 10 times longer than high-speed steel tools. They are not prone to loading but may easily be cleaned with s... [Read More]

  • WORKPRO 276-piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit Universal Fitment for Easy Cutting, Carving and Polishing

    • UPC: 735090875923
    • ASIN: B0109U88KE
    • Brand: WORKPRO

    (52) sanding bands (40) sanding discs (40) sanding disc with back adhesive (36) emery cut-off wheels (1) polishing compound (16) fiberglass cut-off wheels (4) flap wheel (8) felt polishing wheels (1) felt tip (6) silicon carbide grinding wheels (6) aluminum oxide grinding wheels (6) white alundum grinding wheels (2) diamond wheels (1) dressing ston... [Read More]

  • SE Diamond Burr Set (20 PC.)

    • UPC: 706569040982
    • ASIN: B000MOI9G6
    • Brand: SE
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Sona Enterprises

    You can use the SE Diamond Burr Set (20 PC.) for etching, fast cutting, filing, grinding, sanding, and shaping with detail and precision. You can use this on brick, ceramics, fiberglass, glass, gold, hardened steel, marble, metal, plastic, platinum, rock carbide, silver, stone, tile, wood, fiberglass, and any solid surface. All burrs in this set ha... [Read More]

  • MTP Tm 60 Pcs Diamond Burr Bits Drill Glass Gemstone Metal for Dremel Craftsman Rotary Tool 1/8" Shanks w/ Box Tip

    • UPC: 756681668533
    • ASIN: B00L2MXHAU
    • Brand: MTP
    • Manufacturer: MTP

  • Dremel 1550 T2 Versa Tip Multipurpose Tool Kit

    • UPC: 787721804833
    • ASIN: B0000302YM
    • Brand: Dremel
    • Manufacturer: Dremel

    The product is Multi Purpose Tool. Easy to use. The product is manufactured in China.

  • Carbide Burr Set JESTUOUS 1/8 Shank Diameter Double Cut Tungsten Carbide Burs Rotary File Carving Grinding Bit for Die Grinder Rotary Drill Tool 20pcs

    • UPC: 709046052645
    • ASIN: B072B6D5CX
    • Brand: JESTUOUS
    • Manufacturer: Tungsten technology inc

    Specifications: Item:carbide Burr Set  Shank diameter:3mm(about 1/8 inch) Cutting head diameter:3mm(about 1/8 inch) Total length:38mm(about 1-1/2 inch) Material : solid tungsten carbide  Quantity:20pcs/set with a plastic case(99x64x11mm) Total weight: 95 gram with plastic case The JESTUOUS 20 Piece Double Cut Solid Carbide Rotary Burr Se... [Read More]

  • Dremel 3000-2/28 Variable Speed Rotary Tool Kit- 2 Attachments & 28 Accessories- Grinder, Sander, Polisher, Router, and Engraver- Perfect for Routing, Metal Cutting, Wood Carving, and Polishing

    • UPC: 787721793489
    • ASIN: B005JRJE7Y
    • Brand: Dremel
    • Manufacturer: Dremel

    The Dremel 3000 is the workhorse of the Dremel brand. New enhancements such as the EZ Twist integrated wrench nose cap accessory allows you to switch between accessories without the Dremel wrench. The 360-degree grip-zone improves balance and comfort while the improved venting and redesigned fan makes the 3000 run cooler and stay comfortable for lo... [Read More]

  • TACKLIFE ARTO2C 282-Piece Rotary Tool Accessories Kit 1/8-inch Diameter Shanks Universal Fitment for Easy Cutting, Grinding, Sanding, Sharpening, Carving and Polishing

    • UPC: 689749208450
    • ASIN: B075R32VF9
    • Brand: TACKLIFE
    • Size: 282-Piece Rotary Accessory Kit
    • Manufacturer: TACKLIFE

    Tacklife - Professional team on Amazon, which deals only with development of the tools. We commit ourselves to using qualitative tools to improve the quality of life. ✔Cutting: Cutting wheels, fiberglass cutter of wheel: cut thin metal Diamond cutting disc: Cut jade, thin iron plate ✔Sanding: Sanding bands: Grind, polish, mold, remove paint for... [Read More]

  • YXGOOD 10 Pieces Tungsten Carbide Double Cut Rotary Burr Set with 3 mm (1/8 Inch) Shank and 6 mm (1/4 Inch) Head Size

    • UPC: 712324972665
    • Brand: YXGOOD
    • Manufacturer: YXGOOD

    Product Features:1. Assorted shapes and sizes include: ball, cone, rounded cylinder, flat top cylinder, tapered. 2. Cleaning trimming, veining and weld joint of casting, forging and weldment.3. Highly recommended for jewelers, lapidary use, hobbies, crafts, craft modeling, home repair and so much more. 4. Great for filing glass, ceramics, tile, bri... [Read More]

  • How To INSTANTLY Improve Your Wood Carving/Power Carving

    The Top 5 MISTAKES Woodcarvers/Powercarvers Make

    The Best Burr To Begin Wood Carving/Power Carving With