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  • Django for Beginners: Build websites with Python and Django

    • ASIN: 1983172669
    • ISBN: 1983172669
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

    A step-by-step guide to building web applications with Python and Django 2.2.Create, test, and deploy 5 progressively more complex websites including a Message Board app, a Blog app with user accounts, and a robust Newspaper app with reader comments and a complete user registration flow.Along the way you'll learn core Django features and best pract... [Read More]

  • Two Scoops of Django 1.11: Best Practices for the Django Web Framework

    • ASIN: 0692915729
    • ISBN: 0692915729
    • Manufacturer: Two Scoops Press

    Two Scoops of Django 1.11 Will Help You Build Django Projects. In this book we introduce you to the various tips, tricks, patterns, code snippets, and techniques that we've picked up over the years. We have put thousands of hours into the fourth edition of the book, writing and revising its material to include significant improvements and new mater... [Read More]

  • Build a website with Django 2

    • Manufacturer: GNW Independent Publishing

    Build a website with Django 2 is the third edition of my popular Django beginners book, fully updated for Django 2.2Not only has the book been updated to cover the latest version of Django, but the content has been rewritten and expanded in key sections in response to feedback from purchasers of the first edition.Your complete introduction to Djang... [Read More]

  • PYTHON FOR BEGINNERS: The Ultimate Step by Step Learning Guide for Beginners to Python Programming in the Best Optimal Way

    • ASIN: 1089550863
    • ISBN: 1089550863
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

    Good!! If you're reading this now, it's not a Coincidence. You’re interested in Learning about Python Programming.!!This book is going to highlight the main Concepts of Programming and explain how these concepts could be used in Python. To get a better understanding of the Book, it is imperative that you possess a good knowledge of programming co... [Read More]

  • The Best Python Programming Step-By-Step Beginners Guide: Easily Master Software engineering with Machine Learning, Data Structures, Syntax, Django Object-Oriented Programming, and AI application

    • ASIN: 1096779803
    • ISBN: 1096779803
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

    Discover why you will be able to understand Python programming language in less than 6 hours if you can read an English sentence… If you see a code called “print“, what do you think is going to happen?a. This line will be copied b. This line will be printedc. This line will be deletedIf you have the level of a primary school kid, you´ll mos... [Read More]

  • Python Crash Course: A Hands-On, Project-Based Introduction to Programming

    • ASIN: B018UXJ9RI
    • Manufacturer: No Starch Press

    Python Crash Course is a fast-paced, thorough introduction to Python that will have you writing programs, solving problems, and making things that work in no time.In the first half of the book, you’ll learn about basic programming concepts, such as lists, dictionaries, classes, and loops, and practice writing clean and readable code with exercise... [Read More]

  • Python Programming For Beginners: An Easy Guide To Learn Python Programming Language For Absolute Beginners

    • ASIN: B07BPM7BR2

    Learn Python Language, The Fast & Easy Way.. Looking to learn Python programming the most easiest and in an interactive way? Get your copy of 'Python Programming For Beginners by Marco Robert'.'Python Programming For Beginners: An Easy Guide To Learn Python Programming Language For Absolute Beginners' breaks down complex python programming ideas in... [Read More]

  • REST APIs with Django: Build powerful web APIs with Python and Django

    • ASIN: 198302998X
    • ISBN: 198302998X
    • Manufacturer: Independently published

    Learn how to build web APIs with Python and Django 2.1.Take a modern API-first approach to creating 3 different Django back-ends: a Library API, Todo API, and a Blog API with user authentication, permissions, proper documentation, and more. You'll even learn how to connect them to a React front-end for a truly full-stack web application.TABLE OF CO... [Read More]

  • Python Programming for Beginners: An Introduction to the Python Computer Language and Computer Programming (Python, Python 3, Python Tutorial)

    • ASIN: B00N4IQRD4

    Learn Python the Easy Way, Complete with Examples and ExercisesKnowing where to start when learning a new skill can be a challenge, especially when the topic seems so vast. There can be so much information available that you can't even decide where to start. Or worse, you start down the path of learning and quickly discover too many concepts, com... [Read More]

  • Python Django Web Framework - Full Course for Beginners

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