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  • The Complete Acid Reflux Diet Plan: Easy Meal Plans & Recipes to Heal GERD and LPR

    • ISBN: 1939754798
    • Manufacturer: Rockridge Press

    The Complete Acid Reflux Plan delivers an effective 3-stage solution for quick, lasting relief from acid reflux.Long-term relief from acid reflux calls for more than acid-blocking medication or the elimination of certain foods. It requires a practical food-based action plan that not only stops acid reflux pain, but prevents it from coming back―wh... [read more]

  • The Acid Watcher Diet: A 28-Day Reflux Prevention and Healing Program

    • ISBN: 1101905581
    • Brand: Harmony
    • Manufacturer: Harmony

    Dr. Aviv guides readers through healthy dietary choices with targeted recipes, helping them balance their bodies and minds for optimal health and break acid-generating habits for good.Do you suffer from abdominal bloating; a chronic, nagging cough or sore throat; postnasal drip; a feeling of a lump in the back of your throat; allergies; or shortnes... [read more]

  • Dropping Acid: The Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure

    • ISBN: 0982708319
    • Brand: Brand: Brio Press
    • Manufacturer: Reflux Cookbooks

    Dropping Acid: Th­e Reflux Diet Cookbook & Cure is the first book to offer a nontraditional diet to help cure reflux, as well as the best and worst foods for a reflux sufferer. Using her extensive research, Dr. Koufman defines this shockingly common disease and explains why a change in diet can alleviate some of the most common symptoms. Her recip... [read more]

  • The Gut Health Protocol: A Nutritional Approach To Healing SIBO, Intestinal Candida, GERD, Gastritis, and other Gut Health Issues

    • ISBN: 1535581220
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Second Edition! “THANK YOU !!!! I have been suffering from IBS and SIBO for years .... I came across your "gut health protocol" and followed it to a T... and I truly have not felt this good in years !!!!!! You have given me my life back !!!!! I never realized how sick I was, and I forgot how a healthy person should feel. I thought I had to live m... [read more]

  • The Ultimate Gastritis Guide & Cookbook: 120 Delicious Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free Recipes for the Treatment, Prevention and Cure of Gastritis

    Are You Suffering With Gastritis and Are You Tired of Always Eating the Same Meals?This gastritis recipe book is the first book to offer more than 120 delicious gluten-free and dairy-free recipes for the treatment, prevention and cure of gastritis and its symptoms.Inside this book you will discover:120 delicious dairy-free and gluten-free easy-to-p... [read more]

  • What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Premenopause: Balance Your Hormones and Your Life From Thirty to Fifty

    • ISBN: 9780446673808
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Warner Books NY
    • Manufacturer: Warner Books

  • The Acid Reflux Solution: A Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide for Healing Heartburn Naturally

    • ISBN: 1607742276
    • Brand: Ten Speed Press
    • Manufacturer: Ten Speed Press

    Heal Heartburn and Lose Weight, Naturally   If you suffer from acid reflux, you’re not alone. More than 50 million Americans have GERD, or gastroesophageal reflux disease, and while antacids can be effective for short-term relief, they can also cause dangerous medical conditions if they’re used for more than the recommended fifty days at a tim... [read more]

  • Dieta Para La Gastritis: 90 Deliciosas Recetas Libres de Gluten y Lácteos Para El Tratamiento, Prevención y Cura De La Gastritis (Spanish Edition)

    • ISBN: 1548709778
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    ¿Sufres de Gastritis y Estás Cansado de Comer Siempre Lo Mismo? Este libro de recetas para la gastritis es el primer libro que ofrece más de 90 deliciosas recetas especialmente diseñadas para tratar o prevenir la gastritis y sus síntomas. Este libro es ideal para ti si: Estás sufriendo de gastritis y estás cansado de comer siempre lo mismo E... [read more]

  • GERD Diet: The Complete and Effective GERD Diet Easy Meal Plan with Delicious Recipes & Proven Natural Remedies for the Relief of GERD (GERD Cure, GERD Cookbook, Acid Reflux, Heartburn)

    ★★ For a Limited Time: Buy the Paperback version of this book, and get the Kindle eBook version included – for FREE! ★★Learn an Effective GERD Diet and Easy Meal Plan to help heal GERD Symptoms to experience relief and live a happier, healthier life in 2019!Limited Time Offer: Get to own this proven guide for just $2.99! Regularly priced ... [read more]

  • SIBO cookbook: MAIN COURSE - 80+ Recipes designed to heal gastritis, intestinal candida and other GUT health issues (GERD & IBS effective approach)

    ☆★☆Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!☆★☆ SIBO cookbook: MAIN COURSE – 80+ Recipes designed to heal gastritis, intestinal candida and other GUT health issues (GERD & IBS effective approach) Do you want to learn about SIBO recipes? Do you want to know how to prepare the most delicious meals that fit your diet? This book is the answer ... [read more]

  • LIVE A REFLUX FREE LIFE: A Guide to Acid Reflux Diet

    This book is a short nutrition guide on acid reflux and its causes. This book is not an instructional guide, but it is meant to guide you to reduce the symptoms of acid reflux if you already experience it or rather prevents you from having one. In this book, you will also read about the causes of acid reflux, symptoms, remedies and some foods that ... [read more]

  • No More Bile Reflux: How to Cure Your Bile Reflux and Bile Gastritis Naturally Without Medications

    Are You Suffering With Bile Reflux and Doctors Don't Know How to Help You Out?Many people are suffering in silence from this condition called “bile reflux,” which can destroy the quality of life of those who are suffering from it. Apparently, Gastroenterologists don't know much about this condition, and people who suffer from this condition oft... [read more]

  • GERD Cookbook: MAIN COURSE - 60+ Delicious recipes designed for prevention and cure of acid reflux and gastritis( SIBO & IBS effective approach )

    ☆★☆Read for FREE with Kindle Unlimited!☆★☆ GERD Cookbook: MAIN COURSE - 60+ Delicious recipes designed for prevention and cure of acid reflux and gastritis( SIBO & IBS effective approach ) Do you want to learn about GERD recipes? Do you want to know how to prepare the most delicious meals that fit your diet? This cookbook is your answer... [read more]

  • Taming Your Guts A complete guide to functional gastrointestinal disorders (FGID) including Irribable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Gastroesophgeal Reflus (GERD), Gastritis, Roughage, Fiber, Food allergies, Constipation, Diarrhea, Diverticulosis

    • ISBN: 0692271597
    • Manufacturer: AlphGraphics

    An easy-read (conversational style) on the various conditions called "functional gastrointestinal disorders" and their treatment. These include irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux, gastritis, fiber, food allergy, constipation, diarrhea, diverticulosis. Treatment diets are listed. The author is a retired Professor of Medicine in Gastro... [read more]

  • Schonkost für Magen und Darm: Das Schonkost Kochbuch mit großem Praxisteil, 70 leckeren Rezepten und den 7 besten Tipps zur Ernährung bei Morbus Crohn, ... Magendruck und mehr (German Edition)

    Mit Schonkost den Darm heilenSONDERPREIS: NUR FÜR KURZE ZEIT SO GÜNSTIG!„Ich bin beim Kochen vom Komplizierten zum Einfachen gegangen. Das ist wahre Kunst.“ Johanna MeierLernen Sie mit Leichtigkeit schonende Gerichte für ihren Magen und Darm zuzubereiten!Kochen muss nicht schwer sein und man muss auch nicht viele außergewöhnliche Zutaten v... [read more]

  • Digestive Enzyme Supplements + Probiotics for Flatulence & Bloating Relief with Super Enzymes; 2500 HUT Protease Enzymes & 1500 FIP Lipase; Non-GMO, Gelatin-Free, Vegetarian Friendly

    • UPC: 045996493467
    • Brand: MAV NUTRITION
    • Manufacturer: MAV Nutrition

    Digestive Enzymes + Probiotics Supplement Designed to Decrease Bloating and Flatulence with Protease Enzyme, Bromelain, and Papain; Digestion Aid with Three Powerful Strains of Bacteria; NON-GMO

  • The Healthy Gut Workbook: Whole-Body Healing for Heartburn, Ulcers, Constipation, IBS, Diverticulosis, and More (The New Harbinger Whole-Body Healing Series)

    • ISBN: 1572248440
    • Manufacturer: New Harbinger Publications

    Your Guide to Complete Digestive Health A healthy digestive system is essential for total wellness, and digestive issues that cause discomfort and pain can seriously hamper our enjoyment of life. While there's no quick fix for curing the gut, effective holistic remedies can naturally, gradually alleviate almost every kind of gastrointestinal probl... [read more]

  • I have defeated the cancer: Memoirs and biography of the author, prevention, therapy, diet and nutrition

    Pshenychnyy Fedir is a sports doctor and rehabilitologist. He is also a dietitian, who develops diets for professional sportsmen and for people who heal themselves going through the rehabilitation with the help of healthy food. He is a participator of a lot of seminars concerning the subject of fringe medicine, nutrition and healthy way of life. He... [read more]

  • Acid Reflux: Best Recipes to Cure Acid Reflux (Cook Book, Solution, Dropping, Escape Plan, Gastritis)

    Want to Learn The Secret...SALE! 50% OFF! TODAY ONLY. BONUS FOR READERS IN THE BOOK!!You can read this book on your Kindle device, smart phone, tablet, mac or PC!!How to reveal the secrets of All the best techniques and tricks on how to prevent acid reflux are in here.READ THIS BOOK. It will change your life forever. Here Is A Preview Of What You'l... [read more]

  • Cura tu estómago para siempre: De forma natural y efectiva. Incluye 15 recetas. (Spanish Edition)

    Decenas de millones de personas son diagnosticadas con problemas estomacales cada año en el mundo occidental. Muchas de ellas se acostumbran a vivir con los molestos síntomas como acidez estomacal, reflujo o dolor de estómago, aliviados con fármacos de manera temporal.Este libro provee de un método efectivo, simple, y natural que puede acabar ... [read more]

  • Diets for Medical Conditions : Gastritis Diet

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