Review of our $479 Imaging Telescope - The BEST Astrophotography Telescope for the price?

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  • Celestron NexStar 8 SE Telescope

    • UPC: 502341106392
    • Color: Orange
    • Brand: Celestron
    • Manufacturer: Celestron

  • Levenhuk Skyline 120x1000 EQ Newtonian Reflector Telescope for Bright Deep-Sky Objects: Nebulae, Galaxies, Globular Clusters and Faint Stars

    • UPC: 799916992928
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Levenhuk
    • Manufacturer: Levenhuk, Inc.

    Levenhuk Skyline 120x1000 EQ Telescope Newtonian telescope. Aperture: 114 mm. Focal length: 1000 mm. Newtonian reflector ideal for both amateur and professional observers. The produced image will be the best - crisp and vivid with no chromatic aberrations - this is especially useful during observations of brighter objects. The long focal length of ... [read more]

  • Sky-Watcher 8" Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope

    • UPC: 050234117005
    • Color: White/Black
    • Brand: Sky Watcher
    • Manufacturer: Celestron

    Corresponding to the escalating "aperture fever" that has gripped amateur astronomy for several decades, an 8" diameter is now generally regarded as the minimum entry-level aperture for serious observing. The low cost, large diameter, and fast focal ratio of the 8" Sky-Watcher Dobsonian make it an ideal dedicated telescope for wide-field, deep-spac... [read more]

  • Orion SkyQuest XT8 Plus Dobsonian Reflector Telescope

    • UPC: 759270102807
    • Brand: Orion
    • Manufacturer: Orion

    Using the XT8 Classic as a starting point, we added top-notch features and accessories to create the Orion SkyQuest XT8 PLUS Dobsonian Reflector. This deluxe upgrade of our stalwart 8" reflector telescope boasts a redesigned Dobsonian base, adjustable altitude axis tension, a 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser, and a host of other upgraded features and... [read more]

  • Sky-Watcher ProED 120mm Doublet APO Refractor Telescope

    • UPC: 050234111300
    • Color: White/Black
    • Brand: Sky Watcher
    • Manufacturer: Celestron

    Sky-Watcher high-performance ED-APO refractors offer premium optical performance for the discriminating amateur astronomer. Refractors are coveted for their superb contrast, high-definition and coal-black sky background that make stars appear like diamonds imbedded in black velvet. SW APO refractors utilize the most modern optical glasses and fabri... [read more]

  • Levenhuk Skyline PRO 105 MAK Telescope for Planetary Observations, Deep-Sky Observations and Astrophotography

    • UPC: 797619808928
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Levenhuk
    • Size: 105mm
    • Manufacturer: Levenhuk, Inc. -- DROPSHIP

    Levenhuk Skyline PRO 105 MAK TelescopeMaksutov-Cassegrain telescope. Objective lens diameter: 102 mm. Focal length: 1300 mm Maksutov-Cassegrain telescope designed for advanced astronomers. Due to the focal length of 51" the telescope has a practical power up to 200x and that makes it a reliable optical instrument not only for astronomy observations... [read more]

  • 1.25" CLS Light Pollution Reduction Filter for observations of deep-Sky Objects- The Orion, Lagoon, Swan and Other Extended Nebulae

    • UPC: 634759543718
    • Brand: Southstar
    • Manufacturer: Southstar

    1.25" CLS Light Pollution Reduction Filter for Observations of Deep-Sky Objects- the Orion, Lagoon, Swan and Other Extended Nebulae The 1.25" CLS filter is unbeatable for revealing nebulosity. For get superb views of the Orion, Lagoon, Swan and other extended nebulae. The strictest quality control standards are employed throughout the production pr... [read more]

  • Gosky 2" Light Pollution Filter for Telescope Eyepiece

    • UPC: 607994613591
    • Color: 2" Light Pollution Filter
    • Brand: Gosky
    • Manufacturer: Gosky

    Gosky 2 Inch Light Pollution Filter for Telescope Light pollution filters are designed to improve the visibility of deep sky objects by blocking out the mercury vapor, sodium vapor, and other such emission lines from man-made or natural sources which contribute to light pollution. In turn, these filters allow a broad range of more useful wavelength... [read more]

  • SkyWatcher S11620 Traditional Dobsonian 10-Inch (White)

    • UPC: 050234116206
    • Color: White
    • Brand: Sky Watcher
    • Manufacturer: Celestron

    The Sky-Watcher traditional Robesonian telescope 254mm/1200mm (10 ) has a paraboloid primary mirror to eliminate spherical aberration and a four-arm, secondary- mirror bracket with fine supports (0. 5mm thick), to reduce diffraction spikes and light loss. In addition, this model include a 2 focuser with a 1. 25 adapter, allowing the use of either e... [read more]

  • Meade Instruments 633001 Deep Sky Imager IV Color

    • UPC: 709942999396
    • Color: Color
    • Brand: Meade Instruments
    • Manufacturer: Meade

    The acclaimed deep sky imager (dsi) camera series is back, and it’s more advanced than ever.  equipped with a 16MP Panasonic CMOS image sensor, regulated two-stage thermo-electric cooler, and 3.8Μm pixels, the new dsi-iv is the ideal camera for all of your astrophotography pursuits.  The low-noise, high-resolution and fast USB 3.0 readout make... [read more]

  • Meade Instruments 04531 Deep Sky Imager Fan Accessory

    • UPC: 709942900149
    • Brand: Meade Instruments
    • Manufacturer: Meade

    MeadeDeep Sky Imager Fan- for all MeadeDSI models #04531. The Deep Sky Imager Fan keeps your camera cool and fits all Deep Sky Imager cameras. This clip on fan assembly has been engineered to enhance the air flow and cooling to your camera. For CCD imaging cooler is always better, and this unit further reduces noise and improves image quality by re... [read more]

  • Orion 09007 SpaceProbe 130ST Equatorial Reflector Telescope (Black)

    • UPC: 759270090074
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Orion
    • Manufacturer: Optronic Technologies, Inc

    Our largest aperture SpaceProbe reflector telescope is the niftiest Newtonian reflector on an equatorial mount we've seen in a long time. The Orion SpaceProbe 130ST EQ Reflector Telescope is a step up from the standard SpaceProbe 130 EQ for the more serious beginning or intermediate stargazer who wants additional performance, particularly for targe... [read more]

  • Celestron - PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope - Manual German Equatorial Mount - Telescopes for Adults - Compact and Portable - BONUS Astronomy Software Package - 127mm Aperture

    • UPC: 050234210492
    • Color: Black
    • Brand: Celestron
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Celestron

    Amateur astronomers will love the user-friendly features of Celestron’s PowerSeeker series of beginner telescopes. The Celestron PowerSeeker 127EQ is an easy-to-use and powerful telescope. PowerSeeker Series Celestron telescopes have been designed with a combination of value, quality, power, and user-friendly features to enhance the experience fo... [read more]

  • Orion 5561 2-Inch SkyGlow Astrophotography Filter

    • UPC: 759270055615
    • Brand: Orion
    • Manufacturer: Orion

    Introducing a must-have filter for any astrophotographer that doesn't happen to live on Mauna Kea. With the SkyGlow Imaging filter you can take incredible deep-sky images under light-polluted skies with your CCD or DSLR camera. That's because we custom designed the filter to selectively block the specific wavelengths of light associated with urban ... [read more]

  • Orion 04110 Star Target Planisphere (Black)

    • UPC: 759270041106
    • Color: black
    • Brand: Orion
    • Manufacturer: Optronic Technologies, Inc

    For finding your way around the starry sky, there's no better tool than a star wheel, also called a planisphere, like the affordable Orion StarTarget Planisphere. Whether you're sky watching with just your eyes, with binoculars, or with a telescope, a planisphere star chart is an essential tool you'll use time and time again. It's an invaluable ref... [read more]

  • Sky & Telescope's Star Wheel 40 North

    • ISBN: 1931559112
    • Brand: Sky & Telescope
    • Manufacturer: Sky & Telescope

    Here's an all-sky map thats good anytime throughout the year. The Sky & Telescope Star Wheel features the iconic S&T monthly star chart, replotted as a planisphere complete with its accurately marked star brightnesses and locations of famous deep-sky objects. The back offers a companion chart that shows a less distorted view of the sky to the south... [read more]

  • Orion 8944 SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope

    • UPC: 759270089429
    • Brand: Orion
    • Manufacturer: Orion

    It's no wonder customers heap 5-star ratings on this gentle giant. For not only does its jumbo-sized optics and uncomplicated design bring a "new level of joy to simple observing," raved Astronomy magazine, but it's also one of the most affordable quality Dobs on the market. The SkyQuest XT6 Classic Dobsonian telescope isn't just good bang for the ... [read more]

  • Celestron NexStar 130SLT Computerized Telescope

    • UPC: 050234311458
    • Color: Grey
    • Brand: Celestron
    • Manufacturer: Celestron

  • The Deep-sky Imaging Primer, Second Edition

    • ISBN: 0999470906
    • Manufacturer: Deep-sky Publishing

    The book that taught thousands of people about astrophotography has been completely revised and updated in this second edition. It covers everything you need to know to capture stunning images of deep-sky objects with a DSLR or CCD camera: The fundamental concepts of imaging and their impact on the final image How to pick a telescope and camera How... [read more]

  • SVBONY 2 inches CLS Filter City Light Pollution Reduction Filter Broadband Filter Suitable for Deep Sky Visual Astronomical Photography

    • UPC: 609378745584
    • Brand: SVBONY
    • Size: 2inch
    • Manufacturer: SVBONY

    SVBONY city light suppression broadband filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deep sky objects,By selectively reducing the transmission of wavelengths of light pollutants;specifically those produced by artificial lighting including mercury vapor lamps;both high and low pressure sodium  vapor lights and the unwanted natural light... [read more]

  • Review of our $479 Imaging Telescope - The BEST Astrophotography Telescope for the price?

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