Best A Course In Miracles Teacher: Awake in the Dream 1998, David Hoffmeister ACIM

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  • A Course in Miracles: Combined Volume

    • ISBN: 1883360250
    • Brand: Foundation for Inner Peace
    • Manufacturer: Foundation for Inner Peace

    This is the edition of A Course in Miracles that its two scribes, Drs. Helen Schucman and Bill Thetford, authorized for publication by the Foundation for Inner Peace in 1975. It is now available in translation in 27 languages and is widely used by students in thousands of Course study groups around the world.   A Course in Miracles is a unique ... [read more]

  • COURSE IN MIRACLES: Based On The Original Handwritten Notes Of Helen Schucman--Complete & Annotated Edition

    • ISBN: 1886602395
    • Manufacturer: Circle of Atonement

    A Course in Miracles has become a contemporary spiritual classic. Since it was originally published in 1976, readers have recognized in its words truths that they had never heard before, yet somewhere inside seemed to have always known. However, in the process of editing for publication, roughly forty-five thousand words were edited out, mostly fro... [read more]

  • A Course in Miracles Made Easy: Mastering the Journey from Fear to Love

    • Manufacturer: Hay House Inc.

    A Course in Miracles (ACIM) – the self-study spiritual-thought system that teaches the way to love and forgiveness – has captivated the minds and captured the hearts of millions of people. Delivering inner peace where fear and pain once prevailed, its universal message is unsurpassed in its power to heal. Yet many students report that they have... [read more]

  • A Course in Miracles, Combined Volume: Text, Workbook for Students, Manual for Teachers, 2nd Edition

    • ISBN: 0960638881
    • Brand: Brand: Foundation for Inner Peace
    • Manufacturer: Foundation for Inner Peace

    Offers ecumenical meditations on love, perception, forgiveness, eternal life, and theoretical concepts in theology

  • A Course in Miracles (The Text; The Workbook; The Manual for Teachers)

    • ISBN: 1435102185
    • Brand: Barnes & Noble
    • Manufacturer: Barnes & Noble


  • School of Life

  • The Reading Strategies Book: Your Everything Guide to Developing Skilled Readers

    • ISBN: 9780325074337
    • Brand: Heinemann
    • Manufacturer: Heinemann

    With hit books that support strategic reading through conferring, small groups, and assessment, Jen Serravallo gets emails almost daily asking, "Isn't there a book of the strategies themselves?" Now there is. "Strategies make the often invisible work of reading actionable and visible," Jen writes. In The Reading Strategies Book, she collects 300 st... [read more]

  • Crucial Conversations Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High, Second Edition

    • ISBN: 0071771328
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    The first edition of Crucial Conversations exploded onto the scene and revolutionized the way millions of people communicate when stakes are high. This new edition gives you the tools to: Prepare for high-stakes situations Transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue Make it safe to talk about almost anything Be persuasive, not abrasi... [read more]

  • Hexagon Rotating Timer, 5, 15, 30, 45, 60 Minute Preset Countdown Timer (Cyan)

    • UPC: 742567526554
    • Color: Cyan
    • Brand: Znewtech
    • Manufacturer: Znewtech

    Znewtech Hexagon Timer This is a stylish and innovative digital timer and alarm clock. It's super easy to use. Just rotate the clock position and the countdown timer starts automatically. And rotate the clock position again, the countdown timer resets. This is the simplest timer that can help you boost your productivity and keep focus. It also work... [read more]

  • Merriam-Webster's Dictionary and Thesaurus, Newest Edition (c) 2014

    • ISBN: 087779863X
    • Brand: Merriam-Webster
    • Manufacturer: Merriam-Webster Mass Market

    Two essential language references integrated into one handy mass-market size paperback volume. This national best seller offers 60,000 alphabetical dictionary entries and 13,500 thesaurus entries including extensive synonym lists and antonym lists. 500 new thesaurus entries have been added to cover new vocabulary. Clear and concise word guidance in... [read more]

  • A Course in Health and Well-Being

    • Manufacturer: Cindy Lora-Renard

    The themes of health and well-being are discussed within the context of the non-dualistic thought system of A Course in Miracles. The Course teaches that mind is always at cause, so the mind is where true change originates. The focus of this book is to deepen the understanding of how we can learn to choose and implement that change of mind, and con... [read more]

  • Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life: Life-Changing Tools for Healthy Relationships (Nonviolent Communication Guides)

    • Manufacturer: PuddleDancer Press

    What is Violent Communication? If "violent" means acting in ways that result in hurt or harm, then much of how we communicate—judging others, bullying, having racial bias, blaming, finger pointing, discriminating, speaking without listening, criticizing others or ourselves, name-calling, reacting when angry, using political rhetoric, being defen... [read more]

  • Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain: The Definitive, 4th Edition

    • UPC: 619580019953
    • ISBN: 1585429201
    • Brand: Penguin Putnam Inc.
    • Manufacturer: TarcherPerigee

    A revised edition of the classic bestselling how to draw book. A life-changing book, this fully revised and updated edition of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is destined to inspire generations of readers and artists to come. Translated into more than seventeen languages, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain is the world's most widely used... [read more]

  • Remembering the Light Within: A Course in Soul-Centered Living

    • ISBN: 1401949762
    • Brand: Hay House
    • Manufacturer: Hay House Inc.

    What if you discovered—not as a concept, but rather as a profound inner knowing born from the crucible of your own experience—that the Essence of your very nature is, has always been, and always will be the Presence of Love? That Awareness would change everything. Your consciousness would be transformed, and you would move forward into a Soul-C... [read more]

  • Seven Brief Lessons on Physics

    • Manufacturer: Riverhead Books

    The New York Times bestseller from the author of The Order of Time and Reality Is Not What It Seems“One of the year’s most entrancing books about science.”—The Wall Street Journal“Clear, elegant...a whirlwind tour of some of the biggest ideas in physics.”—The New York Times Book Review  This playful, entertaining, and mind-bending in... [read more]

  • From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace

    • ISBN: 1608685055
    • Manufacturer: New World Library

    Get Ready for Unstoppable Inner Peace Author Corinne Zupko undertook her study of psychology out of necessity when debilitating anxiety threatened to derail her life. Seeking ways to do more than temporarily alleviate her symptoms, Corinne began to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), mindfulness meditation, and the latest therapeutic approaches for... [read more]

  • A Politics of Love: A Handbook for a New American Revolution

    • ISBN: 0062873938
    • Manufacturer: HarperOne

    In this stirring call to arms, the activist, spiritual leader, and New York Times bestselling author of the classic A Return to Love confronts the cancerous politics of fear and divisiveness threatening the United States today, urging all spiritually aware Americans to return to—and act out of—our deepest value: love.America’s story is one of... [read more]

  • The Lifetimes When Jesus and Buddha Knew Each Other: A History of Mighty Companions

    • Manufacturer: Hay House Inc.

    Two and a half decades ago, Ascended Master Teachers Arten and Pursah appeared to Gary Renard and held a series of conversations with him that elaborated on the teachings of two spiritual classics, The Gospel of Thomas and A Course in Miracles. Gary immortalized what he learned in the books of his best-selling series: The Disappearance of the Unive... [read more]

  • Super Accelerated Living: How to Manifest an Epic Life

    • ISBN: 0692805303
    • Manufacturer: Trinfinity Publishing

    Imagine living an epic life - one that works for you. Super Accelerated Living will give you the tools to radically upgrade your life. This advanced yet practical guide details the next phase of manifestation for seekers who are already highly empowered. Where many are finding plateaus and paradoxes, this book provides a broader perspective that d... [read more]

  • The Holy Spirit And His Gifts Study Course

    • Manufacturer: Faith Library Publications

    The Apostle Paul said, "Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethren, I would not have you ignorant" (I Corinthians 12:1) As you learn about the ministry of the Holy Spirit, you can become a more effective witness for the Lord Jesus Christ!

  • Best A Course In Miracles Teacher: Awake in the Dream 1998, David Hoffmeister ACIM

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