Best Cold Cereals Choice For Diabetics

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  • Just Crunch Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl - Keeps Cereal Fresh and Crunchy | BPA Free | Microwave Safe | For Ice Cream & Topping, Yogurt & Berries, Fries & Ketchup and More - Blue

    • UPC: 791769365089
    • Color: Blue
    • Brand: Just Solutions!
    • Manufacturer: Just Solutions!

    Keep Your Cereal Crunch From Beginning To The End Of Your Bowl With The Anti-Soggy Cereal Bowl.The joy of getting a crunch in every bite is just a click of a button away. Whether it's cinnamon toast crunch or berry crunch - it will always be crunchy! The wonderful daily ritual that is eating cereal often comes to a lackluster end as a result of so... [read more]

  • Kay's Naturals Protein Pretzel Sticks, Cinnamon Toast, Gluten-Free, Low Carbs, Low Fat, Diabetes Friendly, All Natural Flavorings, 1.2 Ounce (Pack of 6)

    • UPC: 742338291254
    • Brand: Kay's Naturals
    • Size: 1.2 Ounces (Pack of 6)
    • Manufacturer: Kay's Naturals

    About The Brand: Kay’s Naturals is dedicated to bringing a better balanced healthy alternative to traditional snacks and cereals for the health and fitness conscious consumer. The Minnesota based company produces high protein, gluten-free, all natural foods containing lean soy protein, all-natural whole grains, fiber, calcium, and folic acid. The... [read more]

  • Desserts with Sugar and Sugar-Free Cookbook: How to Have the Best of Both Worlds

    We all crave sweet desserts, but it’s more fun when you have healthy options when preparing them. People who are pre-diabetic or who have diabetes need to avoid sugar, and this Desserts – With Sugar and Sugar-Free Cookbook has many delicious desserts that can be enjoyed by all.If you’re avoid sugar simply to eat healthier or to lose weight, g... [read more]

  • Sugar Free Recipes: All the Taste, Less the Sugar

    The best sugar-free recipes ever! The collection here is for everyone suffering from diabetes, being overweight or just wanting to eat less sugar. Inside this book is a varied mixture of meat, vegetables and dessert dishes, which makes it easier for you to plan out a whole meal for you and your family.Be sure and read the next page, which helps to ... [read more]

  • Blue Diamond Blue Diamond Almonds Almonds, Blueberry 1.5 OZ,, 1.5 oz (12)

    • UPC: 041570109045
    • Brand: Blue Diamond Almonds
    • Size: 1.5 ounces (Pack of 12)
    • Manufacturer: AmazonUs/KEHEG

    Almonds and blueberries often come together in recipes, so it made sense to combine the flavor of blueberries with our oven-roasted almonds' crunchy goodness. Our Blueberry-Flavored Almonds make a great anytime snack to keep you going. Enjoy them in place of candy or cookies for a sweet treat with antioxidants.

  • Kevala Organic Sesame Flour 2 lb

    • UPC: 816536011324
    • Brand: Kevala
    • Size: 2 lb
    • Manufacturer: Kevala

    Kevala's Organic Sesame Flour is made from certified organic unhulled sesame seeds. Raw unhulled sesame seeds are ground into a fine flour, making it an easily absorbable source of calcium and natural protein. Sesame flour is an excellent addition to baking or simply sprinkled over salads, cereal, pasta and soups for an extra nutritional and nutty ... [read more]

  • Ogestan Maternity Cycle 90 Capsules/Food Supplement for Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Period - Nutritional Balance - Omega 3 - Iodine - Folic Acid - Vitamins D3 and E - DHA - Belgium

    • Brand: Ogestan
    • Manufacturer: Ogestan

      Ogestan is a food supplement designed specifically to accompany women throughout maternity✨, from desire to pregnancy to breastfeeding thanks to 5 essential nutrients★: omega 3, iodine, folic acid, vitamins D3 and E. For its micronutrient intake targeted to the needs of pregnancy🤰 and breastfeeding🤱, Ogestan actively contribu... [read more]

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