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  • Ardex Feather Finish Grey/Gray/Gris Self-Drying Cement Based Pack of 4 Bags 10 Lbs

    • UPC: 709850801026
    • Color: Grey/Gray
    • Brand: Ardex
    • Manufacturer: Ardex

    ARDEX FEATHER FINISH® is formulated from a blend of Portland cement and other hydraulic cements that provides a smooth, permanent finish for a variety of substrates including sheet vinyl and VCT (vinyl composition tile). Install over concrete, masonry, wood, terrazzo, and ceramic and quarry tile - as well as properly prepared residues of cutback a... [read more]

  • Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula Mix - Charcoal

    • UPC: 090125250510
    • Color: Charcoal
    • Brand: Cheng Concrete
    • Manufacturer: Interstar

    Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula is the ideal mix for concrete countertops and any interior application. Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula's superior formulation combines rich color, strength and workability into an all-in-one concrete countertop mix-ideal for both professionals and do-it-yourselfers. Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula ... [read more]

  • Concret Mix Countrtop80#

    • UPC: 039645110676
    • Brand: Quikrete

    Highlights: Size: 80 lbs Feature 3: Exceeds 5000 PSI 28 days Feature 2: Reduce shrinkage formulation Feature 1: Strip forms in 18 hours Packaging Type: Bagged

  • Concrete Countertop Mix - High Strength - White 50 lbs

    • UPC: 733074197665
    • Brand: Z Counterform
    • Manufacturer: Concrete Countertop Solutions

    Z Counterform Countertop Mix is a pre-blended, all in one, high strength castable concrete mix designed for the creation of concrete countertops. It offers the very best blend of white sand and marble aggregates, white Portland cement and proprietary admixtures to ensure no curling, shrinking or deformation. The use of a specialized acrylic fiber n... [read more]

  • Tuff Duck Concrete Countertop Sealer 750ml (24 oz) Counter-top

    • UPC: 638499990047
    • Manufacturer: Rocklinite Labs

    Tuff Duck: The water-based super sealer! With Tuff Duck Concrete Sealer you don't have to decide between protecting your counter-tops and protecting your family. The water-based formula is food safe and non-toxic. With no VOC's you don't have to worry about nasty fumes that the other sealers generate. Safe but Tuff? You bet! Tuff Duck leaves a dura... [read more]

  • CX Pour-in-Place Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula Mix

    • UPC: 090125249309
    • Brand: Concrete Exchange
    • Manufacturer: Concrete Exchange

    CX Concrete Countertop Mix Kit is ideal for pour-in-place or precast concrete countertops. This proprietary formula will transform concrete from your local home improvement center into durable, beautiful, custom concrete countertops. When CX Concrete Countertop Admixture is used with CX Water-Reducer, the micro-reinforcement fibers and expertly ble... [read more]

  • Concrete CounterTop Slurry Mix, Concrete Pin Hole Filler. 3.5 LB Pail

    • Brand: GlobMarble
    • Manufacturer: GlobMarble

    Concrete Counter Top Slurry Mix (3.5 lbs) Slurry Fill mix for countertops A (1) gallon container and is designed to be used as filler for voids in Pre Cast Concrete and Concrete Countertop pieces. The mix design allows for the ability to match or provide a contrast color thru the use of SureCrete's Color Packs. Concrete Slurry is a single component... [read more]

  • Quikrete Quick Setting Cement 10-15 Min 10 Lb

    • UPC: 039645124130
    • Color: N/A
    • Brand: Quikrete
    • Size: n/a
    • Manufacturer: Quikrete

    Quikrete Quick Setting Cement 10 - 15 Min 10 Lb

  • Fritz-Pak Concrete Superplasticizer Additive, 1.2lbs. Cement Water Reducer Improves Workability And Strength. Plasticizer Gives 6 in Slump Increase. Great for DIY Countertops, Slabs, Patios And Floors

    • UPC: 859508006010
    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Fritz Pak
    • Manufacturer: Fritz Pak

    Lifetime Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee! If you aren't completely satisfied with your order, simply reach out to us through the Amazon messaging service and we will respond within 24 hours to make it right even on the weekends. We absolutely guarantee your satisfaction or your money back!

  • Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula Mix - Stone

    • UPC: 090125250534
    • Color: Stone
    • Brand: Cheng Concrete
    • Manufacturer: Interstar

    Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula is the ideal mix for concrete countertops and any interior application. It was designed by Fu-Tung Cheng, award-winning designer and master craftsman with over 35 years of experience designing with concrete. Cheng Concrete Countertop Pro-Formula's superior formulation combines rich color, strength and workabili... [read more]

  • Bon 32-500 1 Pound Bag 3/4-Inch Anti-Crak Concrete Fibers

    • UPC: 733353456254
    • Brand: BON
    • Manufacturer: Bon Tool

    Reduces plastic shrinkage and improves freeze/thaw durability. Over twice the tensil strength of nylon-high dispersion. Optimum quality for concrete to prevent up to 80 percent of concrete cracks.

  • Cheng Concrete Sealer 500 Ml

    • UPC: 618838450012
    • Brand: Cheng Concrete
    • Manufacturer: Cheng Concrete

    Cheng Food-Safe Concrete Countertop Sealer is a water-based, non-toxic concrete sealer ideal for concrete countertops, integral sinks, fire places, furniture as well as outdoor projects like fire pits and planters. This superior sealer will protect your surface without creating an artificial finish-and will protect the warm luster and beauty of you... [read more]

  • Bon 32-504 3/4-Inch Nylon Concrete Fibers

    • UPC: 743153325049
    • Brand: BON
    • Manufacturer: Bon Tool

    Recommended dosage is 1 pound per cubic yard of concrete. Exceeds ASTM C-1116-95 specifications.

  • Miracle Sealants 511QT6 511 Impregnator Penetrating Sealers, Quart

    • UPC: 753927511530
    • Color: Clear
    • Brand: Miracle Sealants
    • Size: Quart
    • Manufacturer: Miracle Sealants

    Miracle Sealants 511 Impregnator is a penetrating sealer designed for the protection of all medium to dense porous surfaces. Forms a transparent layer strong enough to combat moisture and stains while allowing vapor release. 511 Impregnator does not alter the natural look of the surface following application. Provides water, stain and slip protecti... [read more]

  • Quickrete 110180 80LB Concrete Mix

    • UPC: 039645110188
    • Color: Gray
    • Brand: Quickrete
    • Manufacturer: Quickrete

    Quikrete, 80 lb, concrete mix, UPC: 0 39645 11018 8.

  • Allway Tool Series Allway 10031 HM1 1 Gallon"Helix" Paint Mixer, Silver

    • UPC: 037064100315
    • Color: Silver
    • Brand: Allway Tool
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Manufacturer: Allway

    Allway Tools 1 Gal. Helix Paint Mixer. One gallon turbine paint mixer that fits all electrical drills. Mixes most viscous fluids easily and quickly. EZ Clean paint mixer fits all electric drills. Polypropylene blade with H/D 1/4" hex shaft.

  • 1" (25 mm) Fibers for Concrete Cement countertops, AR Glass Fiber GFRC Chopped Strands 1 LB

    • Brand: GlobMarble
    • Manufacturer: GlobMarble

    PH901X AR Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Chopped Strands. Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete PH901X Fiber Glass is the heaviest strands of the of the leading fibers manufacturer Nippon Electric Glass America Inc. PH901X Fiber Strand contains 200 filaments. 18 microns diameter of the filament provides your GFRC with the highest integr... [read more]

  • Quikrete 1317-00 Liquid Cement Color, 10oz, Charcoal

    • UPC: 039645131701
    • Color: Charcoal
    • Brand: Quikrete
    • Size: Value not found
    • Manufacturer: Quikrete

    Quikrete 1317-00 Liquid Cement Color, 10oz, Charcoal

  • White Cement - 6 lbs - White Portland Cement

    • UPC: 045923792076
    • Color: White
    • Brand: White Portland Cement
    • Manufacturer: White Portland Cement

    The formula below is the one that I use to make my products. The cement is the glue that holds it all together, and the sand and rocks add strength to the finished project. Basic Concrete formulation, based on weights. White Portland Cement - 4 lbs, Sand and/or aggregates(small pebbles or rocks)- 6 lbs, Water 1.32 lbs, Colorant - 0.04 to 0.40 lbs, ... [read more]

  • Variety Pack 1 (10 Colors) Mica Powder Pure, 2TONE Series Variety Pigment Packs (Epoxy,Paint,Color,Art) Black Diamond Pigments

    • UPC: 850465007966
    • Color: Red, White, Blue, Yellow, Gold, Midnight Blue, Green, Brown, Black
    • Manufacturer: BLACK DIAMOND PIGMENTS

    💎 Each 5gram pack contains 5grams of Pure Dry Powder Pigment by weight. 💎 Use approx 1-2 tsp of pigment per 1lb of soap. Hot process 1/4-1/2 per 1lb of soap💎 ALL of our pigments are 100% VEGAN AND CRUELTY FREE💎 Please see specific notes on each color listed for Use & Applications as well as end product suitability. ... [read more]

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