VOX amPlug 2 - Bass Headphone Mini Amp (4K)

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  • VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Guitar/Bass Headphone Amplifier

    • UPC: 888680686468
    • Brand: Vox
    • Manufacturer: Vox

    Headphone bass guitar amplifier with 3 gain modes, 9 selectable rhythm patterns, speaker cabinet emulation, and aux in jack.

  • Donner Bass Guitar Headphone Amp Basement Pocket FX WAH Rechargeable Mini Practice Amplifier

    • ASIN: B079G6Y5Y5
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Specifications CD/MP3 input jack: 3.5mm Headphone input jack : 3.5mm Power Supply: Lithium battery with LED power indicator Dimensions: 80mm (D)*30mm (W)*15mm (H) Net weight: 50g Warm Tips Cation: First, plug mini amp into the guitar connector. Next, connect the earphone and turn down the sound volume control to the lowest level. Then turn on the m... [Read More]

  • VOX AP2BS amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amplifier with Over-Ear Headphones

    • UPC: 663701815818
    • ASIN: B07WDKZFN6
    • Brand: Vox
    • Manufacturer: Vox

    Practice your guitar or bass without upsetting the neighbors using the AP2BS amPlug 2 Bass Headphone Amplifier from VOX. This palm-sized amp plugs into the output jack of your bass, amplifying it into your attached headphones. Designed specifically for low frequencies, the amPlug 2 uses a full analog circuit to emulate a bass amp and control the am... [Read More]

  • SONICAKE Guitar Bass Headphone Amp Plug-In US Madness w/h Chorus & Reverb Effects & Vintage Clean Tone (USB Chargable, Fit on Strat)

    • UPC: 843037100400
    • ASIN: B079FGN89H
    • Brand: SONICAKE
    • Manufacturer: SONICAKE

    SONICAKE Amphonix US Madness is a headphone pocket guitar amp, giving you the ultimate experience of playing through a ultra high-headroom clean combo amplifier with two 12 inch Jensen alnico speakers and a narrow black front panel, also a phenomenal built-in reverb circuit. The US Madness is packed with tasteful tonal qualities: warm, natual, dyna... [Read More]

  • Valeton Rushead Max USB Chargable Portable Pocket Guitar Bass Headphone Amp Carry-On Bedroom Plug-In Multi-Effects

    • UPC: 888506830211
    • ASIN: B07W3K92ZM
    • Brand: Valeton
    • Manufacturer: VALETON

    Rushead Max is a straight-forward, easy to use headphone amplifier for guitar. Inside you'll find all the heat of the world's most famous amplifiers, each with a full range of gain adjustment.You get everything you need for clean natural tone, toasty overdrive, and even heavy metal! Amps love effects, and Rushead Max also hooks you up with multi-mo... [Read More]

  • VOX AMPHONESBASS Active Amplifier Headphones

    • ASIN: B009703PZG
    • Brand: Vox
    • Size: Bass
    • Manufacturer: VOX

    The VOX am Plug series of palm-sized headphone guitar amplifiers enables musicians to easily plug their am Plug into any guitar, and attach a pair of headphones to achieve high quality guitar sounds anywhere. Now, amPhones make it even easier for you. While the am Plug required the user to provide the headphones, the amPhones are headphones that ha... [Read More]

  • Blackstar amPlug2 FLY Bass Headphone Amplifier

    • UPC: 845644005154
    • ASIN: B07V4SH5BD
    • Brand: Blackstar
    • Manufacturer: Blackstar

    The amPlug2 FLY Bass is specifically designed for low frequencies and offers a wide range of response. There are three distinct channels built-in, classic, modern and overdrive, and a custom tone control, to take your sound from deep and booming to bright and cutting. Engage one of the six different rhythm loops to find your groove and jam along.3 ... [Read More]

  • Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

    • UPC: 602003605284
    • ASIN: B001L8PIFW
    • Brand: Fender
    • Manufacturer: Fender

    Our Frontman amps deliver quality tone at a great price, with custom-voiced built-in overdrive for great tone and the unmistakable Fender Blackface look. The 10-watt Frontman 10G features a 6-inch Special Design speaker and a selectable gain control that can rock guitar tones from tube-emulated overdrive to full-strength ultra-saturated distortion;... [Read More]

  • OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones, Professional Studio Monitor & Mixing, Telescopic Arms with Scale, Newest 50mm Neodymium Drivers - Black

    • UPC: 709466429447
    • ASIN: B01N6ZJH96
    • Brand: OneOdio
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: OneOdio USA

    What makes Oneida adapter-free DJ headphone a good headphone?◆ sound ◆ comfort ◆ foldable design studio Pro is a flexible headphone that can be naturally adjusted to any sized head, big or small. The cups rotate both left and right and up and down, it is light-weight also, about 263G, so it's convenient to be fold up and put in a carrying cas... [Read More]

  • M-Audio Bass Traveler | Ultra-Portable Battery Powered Dual-Output Headphone Amplifier With 2-Level Boost

    • UPC: 694318018019
    • ASIN: B00X67G77O
    • Brand: M-Audio
    • Size: m/as
    • Manufacturer: inMusic Brands Inc.

    The M-Audio Bass Traveler is a portable headphone amplifier with a pair of 1/8-inch headphone jacks, so you can increase the quality of what you’re listening to, then share it with someone else. The sound quality out of a mobile device’s headphone jack or coming from the standard-issue computer’s soundcard leaves a lot to be desired, even if ... [Read More]

  • Phil Jones Bass BigHead Mobile Headphone Bass Amp/Preamp/Audio Interface with D/A Converter

    • UPC: 670541858769
    • Brand: Phil Jones Bass
    • Manufacturer: Phil Jones Bass

    The Phil Jones Bass BigHead is not big at all. In fact it is barely larger than an iPhone. The Big is about the sound. It functions first as an awesome bass headphone amplifier with 2 band EQ ( +/- 18db @ 60 Hz and +/- 18dB @ 5KHz) set for optimization of all kinds of bass instruments.Unlike consumer electronic MP3 players and smart phones that hav... [Read More]

  • OneOdio Over Ear Headphone, Wired Bass Headsets with 50mm Driver, Foldable Lightweight Headphones with Shareport and Mic for Recording Monitoring Podcast Guitar PC TV - (Red)

    • UPC: 755320705943
    • ASIN: B07G748HKJ
    • Brand: OneOdio
    • Manufacturer: OneOdio

  • SONICAKE Guitar Headphone Amp Plug-In US Classic w/h Chorus & Reverb Effects & Vintage Overdrive Tone (USB Chargable, Fit on Strat)

    • UPC: 843037100387
    • ASIN: B079FHY8PV
    • Brand: SONICAKE
    • Manufacturer: SONICAKE

    SONICAKE Amphonix US Classic is a headphone pocket guitar amp, designed to give you the tonal mojo of an American classic combo amplifier with the tweed cloth covering, which is wildly employed in millions of tracks from the blues and early classic rock era, The Rolling Stones' Brown Sugar to ZZ Top's Brown Sugar. The US Classic comes with a built-... [Read More]

  • Kithouse B6 Guitar Headphone Amp Mini Plug Guitar Amplifier Bluetooth Rechargeable For Electric Travel Pocket Guitar With Reverb/Chorus/Flanger/Overdrive/Wow Wah 5 Effects(Mahogany Color)

    • ASIN: B07KJD2X96
    • Brand: Kithouse
    • Manufacturer: Kithouse

    Kithouse Bluetooth Guitar Headphone Amp Music goes many places, and you're not always on the stage. While a speaker amplifier is great at filling up a room with sound, there are times that the only person you want hearing your guitar is you. For those times, Kithouse guitar headphone amp may be the solution to your problem. How to connect guitar wi... [Read More]

  • Monoprice 611500 Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar, Clean

    • UPC: 888817040743
    • ASIN: B00AJHE5E6
    • Brand: Monoprice
    • Manufacturer: Monoprice Inc.

    As a guitarist, you know you need to practice regularly to hone your skills and learn new songs. However, you cant always break out the amps and crank up the volume. For those times when quiet is required, you can both practice and hear the amplified output from your instrument using this Mini Headphone Amplifier for Guitar from Monoprice! As the p... [Read More]

  • Over-Ear DJ Headphones, Prefessional Studio Monitor Mixing DJ Headset with Stereo Sound for Electric Drum Piano Guitar AMP, 50mm Neodymium Drivers

    • ASIN: B07T8MKM94
    • Brand: Sopownic
    • Manufacturer: Acoutek

  • Donner Classic Rock Pocket Mini Guitar Headphone Amp Amplifier with Rechargeable Battery

    • UPC: 747356955195
    • ASIN: B01FHM16SU
    • Brand: Donner
    • Manufacturer: Donner

    Specifications CD/MP3 input jack:3.5mm Headphone input jack :3.5mm Power Supply: Lithium battery with LED power indicator Dimensions: 80mm (D)*30mm (W)*15mm (H) Net weight: 50gWarm Tips Cation:First,plug mini amp into the guitar connector.Next,connect the earphone and turn down the sound volume control to the lowest level Then,turn on the mini amp.... [Read More]

  • Blackstar Electric Guitar Mini Amplifier, Black (FLY3)

    • UPC: 845644002726
    • Brand: Blackstar
    • Manufacturer: Blackstar

    The Fly 3 is an innovative, cutting edge 3 Watt Mini amp which combines two channels, tape delay and the Black star patented infinite shape feature (ISF) to create the perfect compact and portable guitar amplifier. It's advantageously small and packs a punch with big tone, even at the lowest volumes. The ISF allows you to infinitely change the soun... [Read More]

  • OneOdio Fusion Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones, Studio DJ Headphones with Share-Port, Wired and Wireless Professional Monitor Recording Headphones with Stereo Sound for Electric Drum Piano Guitar Amp

    • UPC: 634769647567
    • ASIN: B07MQQS88Q
    • Brand: OneOdio
    • Size: Black
    • Manufacturer: OneOdio USA

    What contains in the package: 1*fusion A7 headphones1*pouch for headphones. 5 mm audio cable1*dual-duty cable for 6. 35mm and 3. 5mm sockets1*usb charging Cable1*User guide dual-duty cable & adapter-free our solution for an adapter-free life--- there are gold-plated 3. 5mm & 6. 35mm plugs on each end of the audio cable, just simply plug in accordin... [Read More]

  • Ashdown Tone Pocket Bass Headphone Amplifier

    • UPC: 714270966699
    • ASIN: B07M8CPQS5
    • Brand: Ashdown
    • Manufacturer: Ashdown

    Bass Headphone Amp, DI, and USB Audio Interface with Line Input and Balanced Line Out

  • VOX amPlug 2 - Bass Headphone Mini Amp (4K)

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