Top 10 Hitting Drills To Develop The Perfect Baseball Swing [Top 10 Thursday Ep.2]

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  • Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee (Practice Drills for Baseball Book 1)

    • ASIN: B00B8EDFOK
    • Manufacturer: Pro Baseball Insider LLC

    Packed with FULL COLOR illustrations and accompanied by online VIDEO FOR EACH DRILL, this book details the HOW and WHY of 20 Major League hitting drills which are designed specifically for use with a batting tee. What you'll get in this book: ---20 Major League hitting drills ---Personal Drill Helper Chart to recommend which drills are best to... [Read More]

  • The Science of Hitting

    • ASIN: 0671621033
    • ISBN: 0671621033
    • Brand: Touchstone
    • Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster

  • The Natural Hitter's Drill Handbook: 101 Basic Hitting Drills

    • ASIN: 1585189502
    • ISBN: 1585189502
    • Brand: Brand: Coaches Choice
    • Manufacturer: Coaches Choice

    Former MLB player Luis Ortiz offers this collection of over 100 basic hitting drills designed to help athletes improve in almost every area of hitting, including: drills to mentally prepare you to hit the ball hard, drills to put you in a position to swing with power, drills to discipline the head and see the ball better, drills to improve the mech... [Read More]

  • Little Leagues Drills & Strategies (Little League Baseball Guides)

    • ASIN: 0071548017
    • ISBN: 0071548017
    • Brand: McIntosh, Ned
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    Expert advice and innovative drills to propel your team to success Endorsed by Little League Baseball® and a favorite among coaches and parents, Little League Drills and Strategies is built around three easy-to-follow rules: (1) teach the basics, (2) keep it fun, and (3) practice, practice, practice. Following these simple yet successful tenets, a... [Read More]

  • 9 Innings of Hitting

    • ASIN: 1457519577
    • ISBN: 1457519577
    • Manufacturer: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC

    From swing mechanics to the hitter's mental approach, 9 Innings of Hitting is one of the most in-depth resources ever written to help baseball and fast-pitch softball players improve as hitters. Troy Silva of Rijo Athletics explains what players and coaches really need to know about hitting, and exposes the common myths and misconceptions taught by... [Read More]

  • Baseball's Sixth Tool

    • ASIN: 0071545158
    • ISBN: 0071545158
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

    Put your game into overdrive with this complete guide to harnessing your athletic instincts. In baseball, a five-tool player possesses the five most important skills: hitting for power, hitting for average, defense, arm strength, and speed. But there is one essential skill that brings it all together: the sixth tool. It's that extra something, an X... [Read More]

  • Coaching Youth Baseball: Teaching Hitting Fundamentals

    • ASIN: 0981536204
    • ISBN: 0981536204
    • Manufacturer: Kenneth Siegler

    This book is filled with the love of baseball. It aims to help coaches and parents teach game fundamentals as well as help players, ages four to ten develop their hitting skills. Whether you are a parent, mentor, or a new or experienced coach, you will find this book easy to read. It provides a common sense approach to coaching and managing a team ... [Read More]

  • Your Short Game Solution: Mastering the Finesse Game from 120 Yards and In

    • ASIN: B00L9AXYZI
    • Manufacturer: Avery

    Supported by state-of-the-art motion analysis research, "short game guru to the pros" James Sieckmann unveils his "finesse wedge" swing -- a proven and pragmatic way to learn, practice, and perform with each wedge in the bag in every situation -- and shows players that upgrading their short game is possible. Since James Sieckmann first revealed his... [Read More]

  • Mike Epstein on Hitting

    • ASIN: 1585187771
    • ISBN: 1585187771
    • Brand: Brand: Coaches Choice
    • Manufacturer: Coaches Choice

    Legendary MLB player and Ted Williams Protégé Mike Epstein makes his considerable and much sought-after knowledge of hitting available in this indispensable resource. Mike addresses such fundamental yet critical topics as bat speed, approach, correct form and positioning, leverage, swing and pitch planes, and much, much more. Each topic is covere... [Read More]

  • The Natural Hitter's Drill Handbook Volume 2: 101 Advanced Hitting Drills

    • ASIN: 1585189669
    • ISBN: 1585189669
    • Brand: Brand: Coaches Choice
    • Manufacturer: Coaches Choice

    Former MLB player Luis Ortiz offers this collection of over 100 advanced hitting drills designed to help athletes improve in almost every area of hitting. Includes drills to develop a balanced stance and improve the mental approach, drills to put the hitter in a position to hit and see the ball well, drills to improve recognition and tracking of th... [Read More]

  • Making Little League Baseball® More Fun for Kids: 30 Games and Drills Guaranteed to Improve Skills and Attitudes

    • UPC: 639785400288
    • ASIN: 0071385606
    • ISBN: 0071385606
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill

    Put the play back in "Play ball!" Face it: Your Little Leaguers didn't sign up for your team to work on their pitching, work on their batting, or work on their base-running. They joined the team to play and have fun with their friends. But finding ways to keep your team enthusiastic and motivated doesn't have to supersede crucial skill development.... [Read More]

  • Managing Little League (Little League Baseball Guides)

    • ASIN: 0071548033
    • ISBN: 9780071548038
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill Education

  • Little League Baseball Guide to Correcting the 25 Most Common Mistakes : Recognizing and Repairing the Mistakes Young Players Make

    • UPC: 639785412373
    • ASIN: 0071408878
    • ISBN: 0071408878
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill

    The authoritative sourcebooks for parents, players, and coaches Baseball is a complicated game to learn, particularly for a 9- to 12-year-old's attention span. Bewildered managers, coaches, and parents of the more than 2.5 million Little League Baseball® players need all the help they can get. Filled with fun and easy-to-follow instructions and ad... [Read More]

  • Baseball Coaching: A Guide For The Youth Coach And Parent

    • ASIN: 1545403929
    • ISBN: 1545403929
    • Manufacturer: Create Space

    Youth baseball coach Marty Schupak shares his 25 years coaching Little League baseball. From picking teams to dealing with parents, this book covers just about everything a coach or parent needs to know about youth baseball. Coach Schupak covers the most fundamental techniques of throwing, hitting, pitching, baserunning as well as some of the bigge... [Read More]

  • You Can Teach Hitting: A Systematic Approach for Parents, Coaches, and Players

    • ASIN: 0940279738
    • ISBN: 0940279738
    • Manufacturer: Bittinger Books & Masters Press

    "Dusty Baker was a natural hitter and is a good communicator. I highly recommend this book as a teaching aid for players of all age groups." -- Hank Aaron You Can Teach Hitting is more than a set of instructions and guidelines for swinging a bat. It's a book written for baseball teachers--coaches, parents, even peers--who want to teach hitting bett... [Read More]

  • The Little League Guide to Tee Ball : Helping Beginning Players Develop Coordination and Confidence

    • UPC: 639785412397
    • ASIN: 0071410783
    • ISBN: 0071410783
    • Manufacturer: McGraw-Hill

    All you need to know about Tee Ball from the leading name in children's sports Endorsed by Little League Baseball®, The Little League® Guide to Tee Ball covers all the bases for parents as well as coaches. Authors Ned McIntosh and Rich Cropper, who have nearly thirty years of coaching experience between them, show you how to keep the game fun for... [Read More]

  • Getting All of It: The Science of the Baseball Swing (Book 1 - The Ballplayer's Manual)

    • ASIN: 1542532159
    • ISBN: 1542532159
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    This book gets rid of all the myths and misunderstandings of the baseball swing. For the first time in 120 years of baseball, we now fully understand the baseball swing from a precise, analytical perspective.There are TWO books. Book 1 (this book) is the stand-alone manual for ballplayers of all levels, including professionals players and even Litt... [Read More]

  • Speed Boxing Workout Secrets: A 21-Day Program to Hitting Faster and Reacting Quicker in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts

    • Manufacturer: Contemporary Fighting Arts, LLC

    Speed Boxing Secrets: A 21-Day Program to Hitting Faster and Reacting Quicker in Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts is a comprehensive speed acceleration program made for anyone who wants to dramatically improve their fighting speed in a short period of time. When used correctly, this simple speed development program will double your boxing speed in as... [Read More]

  • The #GoodBatting Book

    • ASIN: B01GLZGM86

    For more than a decade, Kevin Wilson has been one of the most respected hitting coaches in the game. He works behind the scenes as a private hitting consultant to some of the best hitters in Major League Baseball.Now, for the first time ever in print, he takes you inside the mental game of hitting, explaining things you wish you knew before you got... [Read More]

  • Winning Secrets

    • UPC: 791154007099
    • ASIN: B00NWZ4ZJM
    • Manufacturer: Canijama Press

    LEAGUE CHAMPIONS-That's what will be on your trophy after you read Winning Secrets Written by Brian Gotta, Founder and President of CoachDeck. In addition to seven years as a full-time professional coach for players ages 8-15, Brian has coached over 50 teams in Little League, travel ball and all-stars, winning championships at every level. The exp... [Read More]

  • Top 10 Hitting Drills To Develop The Perfect Baseball Swing [Top 10 Thursday Ep.2]


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