Top Tips for Baiting Foxes

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  • Trap Shack Co. Red Fox Urine - 16oz

    • UPC: 730957933754
    • Brand: Trap Shack Company
    • Manufacturer: Trap Shack Company

    Pure red fox urine with no fillers or extenders. Works well in sets for fox and coyotes. Best to place on raw, unwashed wool, cotton, or cloth to keep the sent active. Apply at possible entrance sites and reapply every 10-14 days or apply around the protected area every 4 to 6 feet and reapply every 7-10 days or after a rain. Helps make the set sme... [read more]

  • Pete Rickard's Red Fox Urine Hunting Scent, 16-Ounce

    • UPC: 051537003026
    • Brand: Pete Rickard's
    • Size: 16-Ounce
    • Manufacturer: Protektor Model Co.

    Pete Rickard's Trapping Urines are urines are from meat fed animals. None better at any price. Each comes in an odor proof dispensing bottle. All urines are non freezing. These urines can also be used for hunting or to keep pests out of your garden.

  • Trap Shack Company Fox Lure and Bait Box #2

    • UPC: 730957936328
    • Brand: Trap Shack Company
    • Manufacturer: Trap Shack Company

    This combo will provide the variety of scents to take fox during the entire season! Blackie's 3 Meat Bait is a thick, mild-smelling combination of meats and works for fox, coyote, and bobcats. Caven's Minnesota Red is a thick gland lure that incites the territorail response in fox and is a curiosity agent for coyotes, works all season and best at b... [read more]

  • Trap Shack Company Fox Box

    • UPC: 730957935390
    • Brand: Trap Shack Company
    • Manufacturer: Trap Shack Company

    This combo will provide the variety of scents to take fox during the entire season! Mark June's Fox Frenzy Lure combines glands and curiosity ingredients. Hawbaker's Wiley Red Lure is a great call lure. These two are best used in a hole such as a dirt hole or flat set. When applied to the sheep wool and placed in the hole, the wool will help hold t... [read more]

  • 10pcs Fishing Lure Spinnerbait,Bass Trout Salmon Hard Metal Spinner Baits Kit with 2 Tackle Boxes by Tbuymax

    • UPC: 614134404421
    • Color: silver red blue yellow gold
    • Brand: TB Tbuymax
    • Manufacturer: Tbuymax

    Tbuymax 10pcs high quality Holographic Spinner Lure kit comes with assorted bright colors and sizes.Life-like swimming actions are Irresistable to big Fish. Its classic blades shaped so as to spin like a propeller when the lure is in motion, creating varying degrees of flash and vibration that mimics small fish or other prey. The two most popular ... [read more]

  • Fox Frenzy

    • Size: 1 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Mark June's Lures

    This lure has become one of the largest selling lures in America with a customer base in ALL fur zones. You can depend heavily on this lure ALL SEASON long. Used with Widowmaker paste bait creates a deadly combination.

  • Hawbakers Red and Grey Fox Lure 200 1 oz.

    • Color: Brown
    • Manufacturer: Hawbaker's Lure

    A combination lure that attracts both reds and greys. Calls them right in to investigate.

  • Cavens Minnesota Red "Red Fox Gland Lure" 1 oz.

    • Manufacturer: Cavens

    The fox comes out of the bottle at you when you open this one. This isnt a bottle of urine with a gland dragged through it, but rather very thick and heavy bodied.

  • Trap Shack Company Coyote Lure & Bait Box #2

    • UPC: 730957936311
    • Brand: Trap Shack Company
    • Manufacturer: Trap Shack Company

    This combo provides a variety of scents to catch coyotes all season long. Mark June's Widowmaker is a fresh bobcat meat bait with musks and glands added. Using a tablespoon amount at a set, preferably down in the hole will attract your coyotes. Reuwsaat's Tombstone is a food-based lure good for all predators all year round. Carman's Canine Call is ... [read more]

  • Red Fox Gland Lure by Russ Carman (4 oz. Bottle)

    • UPC: 635963455217
    • Size: 4 oz. Bottle
    • Manufacturer: Russ Carman Lures

    Red Fox Gland Lure by Russ Carman. A semi liquid lure with the sweet odor of mink. Great for bait sets, pocket sets or tunnel sets.

  • Caven's Hiawatha Valley Predator Bait 9 Oz.

    • UPC: 759119443054
    • Brand: Caven's
    • Manufacturer: Tim Caven

    This is not your basic slightly aged meat bait, but rather a blend of rodent meat, castor, fox, 'rat, and mink glands, and several other ingredients that to my knowledge aren't in any other brand of bait. Many thousands of mice go into this bait and what could be more natural than that? This bait has been aged to a good taint and is very loud. It w... [read more]

  • Blue Fox Vibrax 7/16 oz. Fluorescent/Red

    • UPC: 027752605130
    • Color: Silver Red
    • Brand: Blue Fox
    • Size: 7/16oz
    • Manufacturer: Blue Fox

    Patented two-part body emits low-frequency sound vibrations that attract fish and trigger strikes.

  • Buck Baits Cover Scent Red Fox 4 oz. Brown

    • UPC: 685239662436
    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Buck Baits
    • Manufacturer: Buck Baits

    Buck Baits "Red Fox" urine is an attractant, cover scent, and deterrent. Attract a red fox during hunting, but also be alert and aware that due to its effectiveness you may also attract other predators such as coyote, wolfs, and even dogs. Fox urine also makes an excellent cover scent for hunting deer, moose, and all predators.

  • Dunlap's Rage Predator Bait (8 oz.)

    • UPC: 655003857924
    • Brand: Dunlap Lures
    • Size: 8 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Dunlap Lures

    Dunlap's Rage Predator Bait is a muskrat meat based bait that contains many top essential oils that predators love. This bait also contains a rare oil that is highly attractive to all predators.

  • Panther Martin Best of the Best Kit.

    • UPC: 023634714655
    • Brand: Panther Martin
    • Size: Original version
    • Manufacturer: Panther Martin

    Panther Martin, the highest quality and most innovative baits and lures in the market today. Our unique and innovative designs will guarantee you to catch fish or your money back.

  • Hawbaker's Red Fox Gland Lure 100 1 oz.

    • UPC: 635963454906
    • Brand: Hawbaker Lure
    • Manufacturer: Hawbaker Lure

    A thick, heavy gland lure made from good clean glands.

  • Pete Rickard's 1 Oz. Red Fox Trapping Lure - LB214

    • UPC: 051537002142
    • Color: Brown
    • Brand: Pete Rickard
    • Size: 1 OZ.
    • Manufacturer: Pete Rickard Co.

    PETE RICKARD'S - RED FOX TRAPPING LURE (LB-214) 1 fluid oz. glass bottle MADE IN U.S.A. The Pioneer of hunting and trapping scents, proudly offers this line of fool proof trapping of over 80 years because they work! These heavy thick lures work all season. 100% lure, Properly age, No fillers, and Non - freezing.

  • Dunlap's Red Fox Matrix Lure (1 oz.)

    • UPC: 655003858730
    • Brand: Dunlap Lures
    • Size: 1 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Dunlap Lures

    Dunlap's Red Fox Matrix Lure is a very unique passion gland lure.  It is extremely attractive to fox and is also deadly on coyotes.

  • Fishing Spinners Set of 5, Best selections from Mepps, Savage Gear, Blue Fox - Best Lures for Bass, Trout, Salmon, Crappie and Musky Fishing (#3, S/G/C/BL/SRD)

    • UPC: 711841829742
    • Color: S/G/C/BL/SRD
    • Brand: Lureshop eu
    • Size: #3
    • Manufacturer: Lureshop eu

    Selection of Mepps Aglia plain treble hook spinners in size #3

  • Hen's Revenge Lure

    • UPC: 028672277223
    • Size: 1 oz.
    • Manufacturer: Milligan Brand Outfitting

    From Milligan Brand Outfitting: "An early season non-meat lure, containing eggs and a synthetic curiosity agent. This one can take early season fox and coyote when their stomachs are in the transition period from summer to a winter diet.A lure that will be a valuable addition to your fall trapline. Also good on coon all season." 1 ounce bottle... [read more]

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