RCBS Chargemaster VS Hornady Lock N Load

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  • Lee Auto-Drum Powder

    • UPC: 734307908119
    • ASIN: B000N8MURA
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Size: 1 SZ
    • Manufacturer: Lee Precision

    Lee Auto-Drum Powder Measure

  • LEE PRECISION Pro Auto Disk

    • UPC: 796793871087
    • ASIN: B0014DZQZQ
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Size: Pack
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    Best for reloading handgun cases. May also be used to charge rifle cases with use of Double Disk Kit. Commercial reloaders or competitive shooters first choice! Elastomer wiper and teflon coated metal casting make this the smoothest operating measure. Will not cut powder and almost totally eliminates leakage. Large hopper with shut-off valve is ... [Read More]

  • Lee Precision Reloading Quick Change Drum Set Die Set, Silver, Small

    • UPC: 734307904531
    • ASIN: B013T9O2G6
    • Brand: Lee Precision Reloading
    • Size: Small
    • Manufacturer: ACK LLC

    Features four precision molded nylon drums: (2) small drums for charging 25 ACP to 223 Remington & (2) large drums for charging the 223 Remington to Large Magnums. Also include an insert to allow reduced capacity charging similar to smaller drum. Quick Change Drum Set can be used in conjunction with the Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure, the Auto Drum ... [Read More]

  • LEE PRECISION 90195 Auto Disk, Powder Measure Double Disk Kit

    • UPC: 734307901950
    • ASIN: B000NOUEKY
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    The Lee Auto-Disk Powder Measure Double Disk Kit raises the hopper of the Lee Pro Auto-Disk Powder Measure so reloaders can stack two disks. This not only doubles the capacity of the disks, but it makes very fine adjustments possible. Most powders can be adjusted +/-.1 grain with different combinations of disks. Complete listing of combinations, 4 ... [Read More]

  • Lyman Gen6 Digital Powder Measure

    • UPC: 011516705501
    • ASIN: B00AU6CIUO
    • Brand: Lyman
    • Size: No Size
    • Manufacturer: Big Rock

    New compact touch screen the compact Gen6 design takes a minimum of bench space and offers unrestricted pan and touch screen access for both right and left hand users. Accurate to one tenth grain, the Gen6 dispenses all types of smokeless powder at two grains per second. In addition, it features an auto repeat function that drops a precise Charge e... [Read More]

  • LEE PRECISION Auto Disk Riser

    • UPC: 734307900410
    • ASIN: B00162LR6W
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    Lee Auto Disk Riser raises the Auto Disk powder measure higher above the mounting location on the Turret Press to provide clearance for use of the Safety Prime.

  • LEE PRECISION 90792, Auto Disk, Adjustable Powder Charge bar, Black

    • UPC: 734307907921
    • ASIN: B00162RPDG
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    The Lee auto-disk adjustable powder Charge bar is adjustable between .28 cc and 1.6 cc allowing the reloader to develop precise charges. Each adjustment line on the thimble is .1cc. This Charge bar comes packaged with a volume measuring density chart for all of today's popular powders and detailed setting instructions. This is a disk with a microme... [Read More]

  • Hornady 050068 Lock-N-Load Auto Charge

    • UPC: 090255500684
    • ASIN: B003O20UOW
    • Brand: Hornady
    • Manufacturer: Hornady

  • Long Charging Die

    • UPC: 734307901943
    • ASIN: B000LC5S18
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Size: Pack
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    Lee Long Charging Die is for use with the Auto-Disk, Pro Auto-Disk and Auto-Drum Powder Measure. Works with cases 1.760 to 2.620" long (223 Rem to 300 Win Mag). Works the same as the pistol Powder Through Expanding Die, except it doesn't expand the case mouth. Rifle case expansion is done in the sizing die. For cases .860 to 1.760" long, use the Sh... [Read More]

  • LEE PRECISION 90058 Perfect Powder Measurer (Red)

    • UPC: 734307900588
    • ASIN: B000NTMJLG
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Size: 1-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Sportsman Supply Inc.

    Lee Precision Perfect Powder Measure is best for reloading rifle cases. It can also be used for pistol cases. It can be used on the included bench mounted stand, or used in conjunction with the Universal Charging Die on the Load Master.

  • LEE PRECISION Pro A Disk Update Kit

    • UPC: 734307903770
    • ASIN: B000N8JUQE
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    Lee Pro Auto Disk Update Kit updates any Auto Disk Powder Measure with Pro features except for the Teflon coating. Includes oversize hopper and valve assembly, pull back lever, chain and attachments, solid brass knurled thumbed nuts

  • Deluxe Perfect Powder Measure

    • UPC: 734307906993
    • ASIN: B008MG8CDG
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Manufacturer: ACK, LLC

    No powder measure, regardless of price, has all the features of the Lee Deluxe Powder Measure. Pictured mounted to Powder Measure Stand product 90587, may also be mounted to any reloading press accepting 7/8 14 threads. Rugged Construction This powder measure features a high pressure die cast diamond machined body. The precision machined rotor drum... [Read More]

  • Kidde 21005779 Pro 210 Fire Extinguisher, ABC, 160CI, 4 lbs, 1 Pack

    • UPC: 783961330798
    • ASIN: B000VBGG5Q
    • Brand: Kidde
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Kidde

  • Hornady 050008 Load Fast Powder Measure Stand

    • UPC: 090255500080
    • ASIN: B003O1UQ5Q
    • Brand: Hornady
    • Manufacturer: Cast Iron

    Horned fast load powder measure stand item #050008

  • RCBS Scales Chargemaster Lite 120/240 Vac-US/Intl

    • UPC: 604544621082
    • ASIN: B01MSBJCU5
    • Brand: RCBS
    • Manufacturer: Greys Distribution

    Another great quality product from RCBS. Made from the highest quality materials. Top of the line. Versatile.

  • Frankford Arsenal 1082250 Platinum Series Powder Intellidropper for Reload Measuring with LCD Display and Free Reloading Database App for iPhone, Windows and Google, One Size

    • UPC: 661120412755
    • ASIN: B077GFWXT7
    • Brand: Frankford Arsenal
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Battenfeld Technologies

    The Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Powder Intellidropper is a revolutionary power measure that uses self reliable technology to ensure a perfect load every time. Utilize the large screen or control the entire machine on your phone with the free app that features load data and other databases.

  • Lee Preciesion 90995 Lee Precision, Powder Charging Die Kit

    • UPC: 734307909956
    • ASIN: B00162LR6M
    • Brand: Lee Preciesion
    • Manufacturer: Lee Preciesion

    Lee short and long charging dies are included in this kit for use with the auto-disk, Pro auto-disk and auto-drum powder measure. Works with cases .860 to 2.620 inches long, and bullet diameter .223 and larger. The rifle charging dies work the same as the pistol powder through expanding die, except it doesn't expand the case mouth. Rifle case expan... [Read More]

  • RCBS 98923 Chargemaster Combo Scale/Dispenser

    • UPC: 400248819066
    • ASIN: B00139UC6O
    • Brand: RCBS
    • Manufacturer: Green Supply

    RCBS charge master 1500 98923 powder scale/dispenser combo 120 VAC input. Hunting reloading scales. Made of the highest quality materials

  • LEE PRECISION 90100 Powder Measure Kit, Yellow

    • UPC: 734307901004
    • ASIN: B000N8OIE8
    • Brand: LEE PRECISION
    • Size: Pack
    • Manufacturer: Sportsman Supply Inc.

    The Lee Precision powder measure Dipper kit includes 15 graduated powder dippers from .3cc to 4.3cc. The slide card included has a powder dispensing chart. Dipper data revised April of 2012. The Lee Precision powder measure kit is made in the USA.

  • Redding Competition BR-30 Powder Measure Operating Handle

    • UPC: 611760030383
    • ASIN: B00P8AG4IE
    • Brand: Redding
    • Manufacturer: Redding Reloading Equipment/Imperial

    The Redding Competition BR-30 Powder Measure is truly a competition powder measure with some very special features. The drum and micrometer design limits the overall charging range from a low of 10 grains to a maximum of approximately 50 grains. It is designed specifically for competition shooters and reloaders whose loading requirements are betwee... [Read More]

  • RCBS Chargemaster VS Hornady Lock N Load

    Lyman Gen6 Powder System

    RCBS ChargeMaster Lite Powder Dispenser Review. Better than the 1500!