7 Best Mold Test Kits 2019

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  • DIY Mold Test, Mold Testing Kit (3 tests). Lab Analysis and Expert Consultation included

    • UPC: 643462342334
    • ASIN: B016YSY8XQ
    • Manufacturer: Mold Inspection Network

    If you have recently been worried about a mold issue or have had water damage, then you understand how troubling it can be to not know if you have a mold growth in your home. No one wants to deal with the stress of an unknown health issue and to make matters worse hiring a "Professional" can cost 4 to 5 hundred dollars. Put your mind at ease and us... [Read More]

  • Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test

    • UPC: 859098003000
    • ASIN: B006JAERJK
    • Brand: Healthful Home
    • Size: single test
    • Manufacturer: Alexeter Technologies LLC

    The best value in DIY mold testing and most sensitive. The ONLY test that also detects allergy-causing mold particulates. Why wait days or even weeks for a lab report that doesn't detect mold allergens. Get the facts before spending your hard-earned money on obsolete and antiquated "tape lift", "Petri dishes" or "air sampling" test kits. These old ... [Read More]

  • Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

    • UPC: 075919005002
    • ASIN: B002MPPYVQ
    • Brand: Mold Armor
    • Size: Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit
    • Manufacturer: Mold Armor

    Mold Armor FG500 Do It Yourself Mold Test Kit

  • First Alert MT1 Mold Detection Kit

    • UPC: 022905400174
    • ASIN: B000HYN1DW
    • Brand: First Alert
    • Manufacturer: First Alert

  • DIY Mold Test Kit (3 Tests) FREE Expert Consultation and AIHA accredited Lab Analysis Included

    • UPC: 860254000405
    • ASIN: B0719CZY2Z
    • Brand: Seeml Labs
    • Size: 8.5x5.6x0.4
    • Manufacturer: Seeml Labs

    We are a professional AIHA accredited Lab that specializes in Mold analysis. It is easy, with our help you collect the surface samples yourself, and send to the lab. No additional fees are necessary. Lab provides a confidential report via your email address. Free consultation for helping you understand your report. Detailed instructions are provide... [Read More]

  • Pro-Lab MO109 Mold Do It Yourself Test Kit

    • UPC: 885842024878
    • ASIN: B000BQY8B0
    • Brand: ProLab
    • Size: 1
    • Manufacturer: Pro-Lab

    Exposure to mold is not healthy for anyone but the following individuals are at a higher risk for adverse health effects: infants, children, elderly, immune compromised patients, pregnant women and individuals with exciting respiratory conditions. When moldy materials become damaged or disturbed, spores (reproductive bodies similar to seeds) can be... [Read More]

  • VOCs, Active Mold, & Formaldehyde Tests - Indoor Air Quality by Home Air Check

    • UPC: 021808880243
    • ASIN: B01GOVL746
    • Brand: Home Air Check
    • Manufacturer: Prism Analytical Technologies

    Note: This is a single-use test and must be returned by the date indicated in your kit; you do NOT get to keep the test kit for future use. Home Air Check is the advanced, accurate test kit that measures hundreds of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, i.e., airborne chemicals), formaldehyde and growing mold that may be lurking in your home's air. Onl... [Read More]

  • MOLDetect - 3 Sample Mold Test Kit W/ AIHA Accredited Lab Analysis

    • ASIN: B00BZA5VXK
    • Brand: MOLDetect
    • Manufacturer: MOLDetect

    ONLY DIY TEST KIT ANALYZED BY AN ACCREDITED LABORATORY! This reliable DIY mold test kit helps to confirm or rule out indoor mold growth and identify the mold types present (including black/toxic mold--Stachybotrys). Using custom-made sticky tapes, the surface tape lift method is able to detect all spores. This method is more reliable than slower cu... [Read More]

  • MoldCheck Mold Test Kit (10 Tests per Kit) multiple air sampling tests, simple visual comparison, locate mold source, easy to use, no lab fee

    • UPC: 857894004009
    • ASIN: B00C32JKA4
    • Brand: Home Health Science Inc.
    • Manufacturer: Home Health Science Inc.

    If you suspect that you have mold in your home, but can't find the source of the contamination, then this is the smartest most economical mold test kit offered in home mold testing and detection. This mold test and retest kit is designed to help you find the location of a source of hidden mold contamination in your home or office. This is a search ... [Read More]

  • Safe Home STARTER-20 Water Quality Test Kit - (DIY Testing for 20 Different Contaminants: Bacteria, Lead, Pesticides, Mercury, Nitrates, Hex-Chrome, TDS, Zinc, Chlorine, Copper, pH, Iron & More)

    • UPC: 869683000260
    • ASIN: B07CN4VJVV
    • Brand: Safe Home
    • Manufacturer: EnviroTestKits®

    *SAFE HOME STARTER series of test kits, provide you with contaminant testing, never before available in a DIY test kit. *You can screen any water supply, anywhere and at any time. At home or traveling abroad. *If one or more contaminants show danger levels through DIY Screening, we provide you with additional testing options. *You may choose fro... [Read More]

  • Safe Home LEAD in Drinking Water Test Kit - #1 Selling Kit for Testing Lead in CITY & WELL WATER - Two Samples Tested at Our EPA Certified Lab - Don't Guess...Test!

    • UPC: 869683000208
    • ASIN: B01LW96XBO
    • Brand: Safe Home
    • Manufacturer: EnviroTestKits®

    *SAFE HOME LEAD Laboratory Certified Testing for: TOTAL LEAD *Contains a set of water quality test vessels to allow you to test for Total Lead (Dissolved Lead & Solid Lead) in your Water Supply and from your Plumbing Fixtures. *Fill the vessels with your water sample, provide the requested information, place all items into the Free Return Mailer ... [Read More]

  • Mold Test Kit

    • UPC: 856886004003
    • ASIN: B00E3QV82Q
    • Brand: MyMoldDetective
    • Manufacturer: My Mold Detective

    "Finally a Mold Test Kit that test for mold in your air like the professionals so. My Mold Detective’s Mold Test Kit utilizes the same air sampling methods that industry professionals use to test air quality in homes and businesses and utilizes industry-standard air sample cassettes. My Mold Detective’s Mold Test Kit is not just another petri d... [Read More]

  • My Allergy Detective 3-Room Allergy Air Test Kit

    • UPC: 856886004287
    • ASIN: B078B1GCBK
    • Brand: MyAllergyDetective
    • Manufacturer: My Allergy Detective

    Take control of your allergies and indoor air quality today with My Allergy Detective! My Allergy Detective allows you to easily test the air quality in your home and will identify 8 most common allergens. With My Allergy Detective's professional-grade methodology you can sample your air quality just like a professional at a fraction of the cost. T... [Read More]

  • Corentium Home Radon Detector by Airthings 223 Portable, Lightweight, Easy-to-Use, (3) AAA Battery Operated, USA Version, pCi/L

    • UPC: 854232008019
    • ASIN: B00H2VOSP8
    • Brand: Airthings
    • Size: 1 Pack
    • Manufacturer: Airthings

    The Corentium Home by Airthings radon detector is a state-of-the-art measuring instrument that combines ease of use and performance. The Corentium Home by Airthings radon gas detector allows you to take a reading of the radon levels and its LCD screen displays the average daily, weekly and long term concentrations. Powered by 3 standard AAA batteri... [Read More]

  • ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit (6 Rooms/Plates)

    • ASIN: B07B8XGHKR
    • Brand: ImmunoLytics
    • Size: 6 Rooms/Plates
    • Manufacturer: ImmunoLytics

    The ImmunoLytics Mold Test Kit includes everything you need to test your home for the presence of mold, including 6 test plates (each plate is sufficient for a 14 ft by 14 ft room or approximately 200 sq. ft), tin foil to wrap plate post-testing, return shipping box, laboratory sample registration sheet (i.e. Chain of Custody), and full color instr... [Read More]

  • My Mold Detective MMD103 Mold Test Kit, 3-Room Kit

    • UPC: 856886004027
    • ASIN: B00LM2SOKI
    • Brand: MyMoldDetective
    • Manufacturer: My Mold Detective

    Its finally here, My Mold Detective, LLC (MMD) has developed a cost effective, easy to use, and industry validated mold spore "air" sampling system for the DO IT YOURSELF consumer. You can now screen the mold levels inside your home or office with My Mold Detective's Mold Test Kit. The My Mold Detective Mold Test Kit is our industries First cost ef... [Read More]

  • Sun Joe SPX3001 2030 PSI 1.76 GPM 14.5 AMP Electric Pressure Washer with Hose Reel, Green

    • UPC: 787392915319
    • ASIN: B00LX8Z03K
    • Brand: Sun Joe
    • Size: NEW
    • Manufacturer: Snow Joe

    POWER AND PERFORMANCE UNDER PRESSURE! Tackle your toughest home, outdoor and auto cleaning projects with ease! Packed with a powerful 1800-Watt/14. 5-amp motor, the Pressure Joe SPX3001 generates up to 2030 PSI of water pressure and 1. 76 GPM of water flow to remove road tar, tree sap and insect splats from cars, grease deposits from concrete, heav... [Read More]

  • Clean Vent Air Solutions 1 Air Test Kit for Mold

    • UPC: 869782000116
    • ASIN: B06Y5KX934
    • Brand: Clean Vent Air Solutions
    • Manufacturer: Clean Vent Air Solutions

    The easy to use indoor Air Vent Test Kit attaches to any a/c vent in your home and picks up any mold circulating through your air conditioning system and contaminating the air you breathe. The test kit will identify the levels of mold and determine if the levels are safe or to high. High levels may indicate why loved ones in your home may be suffer... [Read More]

  • Healthful Home Whole Home Mold Inspection Pack - Tests 3 Separate Areas

    • ASIN: B07D7H485L
    • Brand: Healthful Home
    • Manufacturer: Alexeter Technologies LLC

    Test 3 separate areas in one package. Same accurate and reliable tests found in the 5-Minute Mold Test Kit. The best value in DIY mold testing and most sensitive. The only test that also detects allergy-causing mold particulates. Why wait days or even weeks for a lab report that doesn't detect mold allergens. Get the facts before spending your hard... [Read More]

  • CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter - 50K Ultra High Capacity - Made in USA

    • UPC: 804087020247
    • ASIN: B000923524
    • Brand: CuZn
    • Size: 4.5" x 15"
    • Manufacturer: CuZn Water Systems

    The CuZn UC-200 Under Counter Water Filter works beneath any home or office sink to filter up to 50,000 gallons of cold water on demand. Replace the UC-200 every 50,000 gallons or 5 years, whichever comes first. In addition to Micro Sediment Membranes, the UC-200 utilizes a patented combination of KDF-55 Filtration Media and Virgin Acid Washed Cata... [Read More]

  • 7 Best Mold Test Kits 2019

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    Healthful Home 5-minute Mold Test is Fast and Accurate