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  • Magpul MBUS Flip-Up Backup Sights, Black, Front Sight

    • UPC: 798632562125
    • ASIN: B004SH9OUS
    • Brand: Magpul
    • Manufacturer: Magpul Industries Corp.

    MBUS Back Up Sight, Generation II, Fits Picatinny, Black, Front, Flip Up.


    • UPC: 710824243285
    • Brand: TACFUN
    • Manufacturer: TACFUN

  • Meprolight AR-15, M-16A1 & A2 Tru-Dot Night Sight. Front sight only

    • UPC: 669278316154
    • ASIN: B0002INGN8
    • Brand: Meprolight
    • Size: 8.5 x 4.2 x 0.5 inches
    • Manufacturer: Dreme Corp -- Dropship

    The ML31615 is a front sight only for use on AR style A1 and A2 rifles. This sight has a round front post, which is much narrower than the square post currently coming on the AR rifles. This thinner post gives more accuracy since it does not cover as great an area of the target at distances. The ML31615 front sights is two-piece for alignment. Once... [Read More]

  • UTG Model 4/AR15 4 & 5 Prong A1/A2 Dual Front Sight Tool

    • ASIN: B000AXRY5Q
    • Brand: UTG
    • Manufacturer: LEABG

    New Gen UTG AR-15 Front Sight Combo Tool to Adjust Elevation of Either 4-prong or 5-prong Front Sight Post by Engaging Locking Detent and Rotating the Sight Post Upward/Downward. Ergonomic Design and Easy to Grip, Making Sight Adjustment on A1/A2 a Snap

  • Midwest Industries Tactical Light Mount for Standard Front Sight, Black

    • UPC: 816537013013
    • ASIN: B002E6PAHG
    • Brand: Midwest Gloves
    • Manufacturer: RSR Group, Inc

    This tactical light mount from Midwest Industries allows for operators to attach lights, lasers, or other accessories to their AR series rifle using just their standard front sight post. This features two mil-spec picatinny rails with two anti-rotational sling swivel sockets.

  • KNS AR15 Post Sight Pack, Black

    • UPC: 851876003196
    • ASIN: B007DN5QRO
    • Brand: KNS Precision
    • Manufacturer: RSR Group, Inc

    KNS Post Sight Assortment For: M-16, AR-15, AR-10, SR-25. All post sight bodies are steel, with black oxide finish. There are 7 sight configurations: -3 square post—widths: .034, .052, .072; -3 round dot post—diameter: .034, .052, .072, and one V-notch & inverted.

  • HIVIZ AR 15 Interchangeable Fiber Optic Sight

    • UPC: 796793050185
    • ASIN: B001AQRUCO
    • Brand: Hi-Viz
    • Manufacturer: HIVIZ

    This is an interchangeable style, AR front sight. It includes four extra, fiber optic family LitePipes, in various colors, a carrying case, and a key to Interchange the LitePipes. Specifications: - fits: AR and M4 rifles with a frame or folding front sights - color: green

  • SNIPER Standard Front Sight with A2 Sight Post

    • UPC: 812783014798
    • ASIN: B008L6BCIO
    • Brand: Outdoor Sport
    • Size: Standard
    • Manufacturer: SNIPER®

    This is a HIGH PROFILE Front Sight Post = Taller than standard so it can be mounted on LOW PROFILE railed g' blocks. (Lower than the flat-top where the rear sight goes). Not suitable for mounting on the same level as the rear sight - this sight mounts LOWER. Thank you.

  • Ultimate Rifle Build Front Sight Adjustment Tool - 4 & 5 Prong for Quick Elevation Adjustment

    • UPC: 718273448664
    • Brand: Ultimate Rifle Build
    • Manufacturer: Ultimate Rifle Build

    Quickly adjust your front sight for elevation with this sight adjustment tool - which has both 4-prong and 5-prong tips for A1/A2 sight posts.

  • Innovative Industries AR-15 A1/A2 Front Sight Adjustment Tool

    • ASIN: B014GFQY18
    • Brand: Innovative Industries
    • Manufacturer: Innovative Industries

    AR-15 Front sight combo tool, adjusts elevation in both 4 prong and 5prong front sight post by compressing the locking detent and rotating the sight post up and down. Ergonomic design and easy to grip knurl.

  • Real Avid Front Sight Adjuster - for A1 & A2 Front Sight Adjustment Tool

    • UPC: 813119011467
    • ASIN: B00IOF60LQ
    • Brand: Real Avid
    • Manufacturer: Real Avid

    When your rifle is loaded and charged, aiming off target is not an option. This durable, compact, black oxide coated stainless steel tool gets black guns dialed-in and makes quick sight adjustments a breeze. Additionally, the double-ended Front Sight Adjuster Tool is designed to work on both A1 & A2 (5/4 pin) front sights.

  • Tacticon Armament Flip Up Iron Sights for Rifle Includes Front Sight Adjustment Tool | Rapid Transition Backup Front and Rear Iron Sight BUIS Set Picatinny Rail and Weaver Rail

    • UPC: 736283219555
    • ASIN: B07D74Z37G
    • Brand: Tacticon Armament
    • Manufacturer: Tacticon Armament

    ⭐️ NEW HARDENED AIRCRAFT GRADE ALUMINUM ALLOY!✔ THE QUALITY The Tacticon Flip-Up Front And Rear Iron Sights are a high-quality aluminum alloy. Whether using as your main sight or as a back-up sight for another optic, you can count on the accuracy and durability this sight offers. The spring loaded pop-up action on the iron sights is incredi... [Read More]

  • DEZ AR-15 A2 Front Sight FSB .750" Set Screw Mount

    • UPC: 751778885411
    • ASIN: B074L84S42
    • Brand: DEZ
    • Manufacturer: DEZ

    The DEZ front sight FSB is of the highest quality available. This front sight mounts easily and securely with 5 sets screws - no drilling or taper pins required! This "F-height" front sight is a perfect match for your standard height rear sight, whether you decide to go with flip-ups or an A2 style rear sight. Made from tough cast steel, and protec... [Read More]

  • Lion Gears AR15/M4 Steel Front Sight Adjustment Tool, with Dual 4-Prong and 5-Prong for A1/A2 Sights

    • UPC: 610370987247
    • Brand: Lion Gears
    • Size: 2.68"L
    • Manufacturer: Lion Gears

    Lion Gears AR15/M4 Steel Front Sight Adjustment Tool, with Dual 4-Prong and 5-Prong for A1/A2 Sights

  • Troy Industries Front Folding Style Battle Sight (Black)

    • UPC: 634558860139
    • ASIN: B001NPG99C
    • Brand: Troy Industries
    • Manufacturer: Troy Industries

    Durability and dead-on accuracy have made Troy Industries Folding BattleSights the hands-down choice of Special Ops and tactical users worldwide. Easy to install and to deploy, with no levers or springs to fumble with, these sights position apertures at exact factory height. A stainless-steel cross-locking system ensures sights remain upright and z... [Read More]

  • Feyachi Flip Up Rear Front and Iron Sights with Elevation Best Backup fits Picatinny & Weaver Rails Black

    • UPC: 723260377803
    • ASIN: B01IY6077W
    • Brand: Feyachi
    • Manufacturer: Feyachi

    Feyachi Flip Up Rear Front and Iron Sights with elevation Best Backup Specification Dimensions: 35mm x 45mm (height) x 30mm, Weight:1.5 oz (Front)                    35mm x 40mm (height) x 27mm, Weight:1.8 oz (Rear) Color: Black finish Material: Aluminum Interface: Picatinny / Weaver Rails The front sight has an adjustable A2 ... [Read More]

  • XS Sight Systems AR-2001-6 Tritium Stripe, AR Mil-Spec

    • UPC: 647533034203
    • ASIN: B002J3TAIY
    • Brand: XS Sight Systems
    • Manufacturer: Pro-Motion Distributing - Direct

    XS Tritium Stripe Front Sights are the finest sights made for fast sight acquisition in all light conditions. Green tritium inserts surrounded by a white outline to improve your sight picture in all conditions. Day-Light, Half-Light, or Low-Light. Fast, simple and effective. This is the ultimate self defense sight system that provides sights you ca... [Read More]

  • Mt Sunrise .033mm Diameter Ball Front Sight Post w/Spring with Free Magnet

    • UPC: 714119427794
    • ASIN: B07HRWT1MS
    • Brand: Mt Sunrise
    • Manufacturer: WM

    Ball Diameter: 0.033mm Length: 0.8125" Finish: Matte Black Includes Spring and Plunger

  • Troy Industries Battle Sight Adjustment Tool

    • UPC: 812699010884
    • ASIN: B003JLJ9G8
    • Brand: Troy Industries
    • Manufacturer: Troy Industries

    Easily adjust elevation on Troy Front M4 and HK Style BattleSights and windage on Troy Front & Rear BattleSights.

  • Trijicon CP25F Bright & Tough Green Night Sight

    • UPC: 719307201071
    • ASIN: B000PW5RX8
    • Brand: Trijicon
    • Size: One Size
    • Manufacturer: Trijicon

    Trijicon bright and tough night sights are three-dot iron sights that increase night-fire shooting accuracy by as much as five times over conventional sights. Equally impressive, they do so with the same speed as instinctive shooting - and without the need for batteries. Housed in a metal body and cushioned within silicone rubber, bright and tough ... [Read More]

  • Custom Magpul Sights - Blitzkrieg Components Luminescent AR15 Sight Posts

    TRUGLO Ultimate Tactical TFO AR15 Front Sight Post

    AR-15 Upgrade - Blitzkrieg Chevron Front Sight Post