2018 Muscle Car Comparison! - Dodge // Chevy // Ford

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  • American Muscle Cars: A Full-Throttle History

    • ASIN: 0760350132
    • ISBN: 0760350132
    • Manufacturer: Motorbooks

    This is the muscle car history to own—a richly illustrated chronicle of America's greatest high-performance cars, told from their 1960s beginning through the present day!In the 1960s, three incendiary ingredients--developing V-8 engine technology, a culture consumed by the need for speed, and 75 million baby boomers entering the auto market—exp... [Read More]

  • Cunningham Sports Cars: American Racing Legends 1951-1955

    • UPC: 641481001096
    • ASIN: 1583881093
    • ISBN: 1583881093
    • Manufacturer: Enthusiast Books

    Time magazine cover hero and Americas Cup yachtsman Briggs Cunningham cut a swathe through the post-war sports-racing scene with his magnificent Cunningham sports cars. He burst into view in 1951 with his Chrysler-powered C-2 sports-racers and in 1952 launched the production C-3, a Vignale-bodied car built as both a coupe and cabriolet. Some two do... [Read More]

  • American Muscle Cars Coloring Book

    • ASIN: 152364320X
    • ISBN: 152364320X
    • Manufacturer: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

    Muscle Car is an American term used to refer to a range of high-performance automobiles. The peak of this genre ran from 1960’ to 1970’ before going out of fashion. Originally sold at an affordable price, a Muscle Car is characterized by two-door, powered by a high-displacement V8 engine, rear wheel drive and sports coupe style designed for fou... [Read More]

  • The Care and Keeping of You: The Body Book for Younger Girls, Revised Edition (American Girl Library)

    • UPC: 726673090130
    • ASIN: 1609580834
    • ISBN: 1609580834
    • Brand: Amer Girl
    • Manufacturer: American Girl

    Our best-selling body book for girls just got even better! With all-new illustrations and updated content for girls ages 8 and up, it features tips, how-tos, and facts from the experts. (Medical consultant: Cara Natterson, MD.) You'll find answers to questions about your changing body, from hair care to healthy eating, bad breath to bras, periods t... [Read More]

  • American Sports Car Racing in the 1950s

    • ASIN: 0760303673
    • ISBN: 0760303673
    • Manufacturer: Motorbooks Intl

    Traces the history of stock car racing and looks at major drivers, teams, and racetracks

  • Classic Car: The Definitive Visual History

    • ASIN: 1465453393
    • ISBN: 1465453393
    • Brand: DK Publishing Dorling Kindersley
    • Manufacturer: DK

    A visual guide to the most iconic classic cars of every decade from the 1940s to the 1980s, featuring more than 1,300 photographs and two prints suitable for framing.From the Aston Martin DB5 to the Chevrolet Corvette, Classic Car is packed with the marques and models of every decade from the 1940s to the 1980s. Virtual tours offer close-up views o... [Read More]

  • Unique Hustle: My Drive to be the Best Car Customizer in Hip Hop and Sports

    • ASIN: 1633538893
    • ISBN: 1633538893
    • Manufacturer: Mango

    Learn From a Giant in the Business of Customizing CarsA “Unique” car book: Will Castro, star of Velocity Channel’s Unique Rides and one of the most popular car customizers in America, has achieved the American Dream, finding great success doing something he loves. He has worked with marquee names in entertainment and Unique Hustle is pac... [Read More]

  • Faster: How a Jewish Driver, an American Heiress, and a Legendary Car Beat Hitler's Best

    • ASIN: 1328489876
    • ISBN: 1328489876
    • Brand: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
    • Manufacturer: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

    For fans of Boys in the Boat and In the Garden of Beasts, a pulse-pounding tale of triumph by an improbable team of upstarts over Hitler’s fearsome Silver Arrows during the golden age of auto racing. They were the unlikeliest of heroes. Rene Dreyfus, a former top driver on the international racecar circuit, had been banned from the best Europe... [Read More]

  • The Complete Book of American Muscle Supercars: Yenko, Shelby, Baldwin Motion, Grand Spaulding, and More

    • ASIN: 076035006X
    • ISBN: 076035006X
    • Brand: Motorbooks International
    • Manufacturer: Motorbooks

    2017 Gold Medal Winner of the International Automotive Media Competition!  Uncover the captivating history of the highest-performace cars in America, illustrated with beautiful photography.The American muscle car began not in the factories of the big three automakers, but in the garages and dealerships of a hot-rod subculture bent on making the ... [Read More]

  • Corvette - The Great American Sports Car

    • UPC: 074962013064
    • ASIN: 1440215510
    • ISBN: 1440215510
    • Brand: Brand: Krause Publications
    • Manufacturer: Krause Publ

    The King of CoolIt seems impossible. At one time, the Corvette was the car that almost nobody wanted. When it first surfaced for the 1953 model year, the cars were rough-riding, underpowered, and lacking in the "fit" and "finish" that buyers of refined roadsters would normally expect.Through six generations and major makeovers, Chevy's European-ins... [Read More]

  • The Art of Racing in the Rain Tie-in: A Novel

    • ASIN: 006236491X
    • ISBN: 006236491X
    • Manufacturer: Harper Paperbacks

    NOW A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE FROM FOX 2000 STARRING MILO VENTIMIGLIA, AMANDA SEYFRIED, AND KEVIN COSTNER MEET THE DOG WHO WILL SHOW THE WORLD HOW TO BE HUMANThe New York Times bestselling novel from Garth Stein—a heart-wrenching but deeply funny and ultimately uplifting story of family, love, loyalty, and hope—a captivating look at the wonders an... [Read More]

  • The Complete Book of Classic Chevrolet Muscle Cars: 1955-1974 (Complete Book Series)

    • ASIN: 076035233X
    • ISBN: 076035233X
    • Brand: MOTORBKS
    • Manufacturer: Motorbooks

    Chevrolet defined American driving culture during the golden age of muscle. See it all here, in The Complete Book of Classic Chevrolet Muscle Cars: 1955-1974. Chevrolet didn't invent the overhead-valve pushrod V-8 engine, but without question Ed Cole and Chevy perfected it. And General Motors' Bowtie division wasn't the first to put the engine desi... [Read More]

  • The Great Gatsby

    • ASIN: 0743273567
    • ISBN: 9780743273565
    • Brand: Scribner
    • Manufacturer: Scribner

    A true classic of twentieth-century literature, this edition has been updated by Fitzgerald scholar James L.W. West III to include the author’s final revisions and features a note on the composition and text, a personal foreword by Fitzgerald’s granddaughter, Eleanor Lanahan—and a new introduction by two-time National Book Award winner Jesmyn... [Read More]

  • Luxury Cars Coloring Book (Dover History Coloring Book)

    • ASIN: 0486444368
    • ISBN: 0486444368
    • Brand: Dover
    • Manufacturer: Dover Publications

    Imagine yourself behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 GT2 Twin-Turbo Coupe! Here are the cars most of us just dream about — sleek, fast, fabulous machines that cost a small fortune! Thirty precisely and accurately rendered illustrations portray the legendary luxury cars that race through our imaginations: Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Coupe, BMW Z8 Conv... [Read More]

  • Classic American Cars An Illustrated Guide

    • ASIN: 0785832734
    • ISBN: 0785832734
    • Manufacturer: Chartwell Books

    From the turn of the Twentieth Century to the present day, Classic American Cars An Illustrated Guide traces the development of the American automobile, and the social change it brought. Author Craig Cheetham begins by looking at the horseless carriages of old, and moves into the fighter plane inspired designs of the 1940’s, before moving to the ... [Read More]

  • The Art of the Automobile: The 100 Greatest Cars

    • ASIN: 0061051284
    • ISBN: 0061051284
    • Manufacturer: William Morrow

    Award-winning automotive historian, author, and photographer Dennis Adler takes you on a whirlwind tour through more than a century of automotive history, from the first production motorcar, the 1886 Benz Patent Motorwage, to fabled makes including Hispano-Suiza, Duesenberg, packard, and HudsonMore than 200 stunning color photographs define and det... [Read More]

  • The Outsiders

    • ASIN: 014240733X
    • ISBN: 014240733X
    • Brand: Speak
    • Manufacturer: Speak

    50 years of an iconic classic! This international bestseller and inspiration for a beloved movie is a heroic story of friendship and belonging. No one ever said life was easy. But Ponyboy is pretty sure that he's got things figured out. He knows that he can count on his brothers, Darry and Sodapop. And he knows that he can count on his friends—... [Read More]

  • Fahrenheit 451

    • UPC: 642688055004
    • ASIN: 1451673310
    • ISBN: 9781451673319
    • Brand: Simon & Schuster
    • Manufacturer: Simon & Schuster

    Ray Bradbury’s internationally acclaimed novel Fahrenheit 451 is a masterwork of twentieth-century literature set in a bleak, dystopian future.Guy Montag is a fireman. In his world, where television rules and literature is on the brink of extinction, firemen start fires rather than put them out. His job is to destroy the most illegal of commoditi... [Read More]

  • 50 States, 5,000 Ideas: Where to Go, When to Go, What to See, What to Do

    • ASIN: 1426216904
    • ISBN: 9781426216909
    • Brand: National Geographic
    • Manufacturer: National Geographic

    This richly illustrated book from the travel experts at National Geographic showcases the best travel experiences in every state, from the obvious to the unexpected. Sites include national parks, beaches, hotels, Civil War battlefields, dude ranches, out-of-the-way museums, and more. You'll discover the world's longest yard sale in Tennessee, swamp... [Read More]

  • Full Circle: The Story of Davey Allison (Profiles in American Stock Car Racing)

    • ASIN: 188877004X
    • ISBN: 188877004X
    • Brand: Brand: Rising Star Publications
    • Manufacturer: Rising Star Publications

    The Biography of 1987 NASCAR Winston Cup Rookie of the Year and 1992 Daytona 500 Winner, Davey Allison. From his birth in Hollywood, FL to his untimely death in 1993, this book chronicles the ups and downs of a racing Legend's life and career.

  • 2018 Muscle Car Comparison! - Dodge // Chevy // Ford

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