10 Best AA & AAA Battery Chargers 2018

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  • Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger (Recharge Pro) with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries, Auto-Safety Feature, Over-charge Protection

    • UPC: 039800121042
    • ASIN: B00IM3P8GS
    • Brand: Energizer
    • Size: Pro Charger w/ 4-AA
    • Manufacturer: Energizer Batteries- Consumables

    Conveniently charges 4 AA or AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries at the same time.3-5 hour charge time with auto shutoff to prevent overcharging and battery damage. Manufactured in China .The charger is equipped with audio and visual alerts. A red light means that charging has started, and you will hear an audible beep when charging begins. A yellow li... [Read More]

  • BONAI 16+2 Bay Smart Rechargeable Battery Charger with LCD Display for AA AAA NiMH NiCD Batteries & Li-ion 9V Rechargeable Batteries with AC Wall Adapter nimh Battery Charger

    • Brand: BONAI
    • Size: 16+2 Bay Battery Charger
    • Manufacturer: BONAI

    Bonai Smart Charger-16 Bay AA & AAA battery charger Features: 1) LCD display the charging statues. 2) Increase the rechargeable battery and charger distance to 7mm and a number of holes for heat dissipation, to protect your charger and batteries. 3) Trickle Electric Current Charge, Can expand battery life and charge battery full more than 99%. ... [Read More]

  • POWEROWL 8 Bay Charger for Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries AA AAA Batteries Charger with USB Port(No Adapter)

    • ASIN: B07JJT7GGF
    • Brand: POWEROWL
    • Size: 8Bay aa aaa charger
    • Manufacturer: POWEROWL

    Charging time:1-8 pcs 2100mAh AA recharger batteries:It takes about 10 hours to fully charge1-8 pcs 1000mAh AAA recharger batteries: It takes about 4.8 hours to fully chargeInput:DC 5V 2A Output:1.4V 250mA Precautions:1. It is forbidden to charge the battery that is not rechargeable. 2. Please ensure the battery installed is correct: make the +/- p... [Read More]

  • Energizer Rechargeable AA and AAA Battery Charger (Recharge Value) with 4 AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

    • UPC: 039800076809
    • ASIN: B00339NINQ
    • Brand: Energizer
    • Size: Value Charger w/ 4-AA
    • Manufacturer: Energizer Batteries

    There’s a simple way to save money and always have the power you need with the Energizer Recharge Value Charger. Conveniently constructed to charge 2 or 4 AA or AAA NiMH batteries, the Value Charger will have your batteries ready for use in as little as 5 hours. LED indicator lets you know when charging is complete, and the auto safety shutoff pr... [Read More]

  • EBL Smart 8 Bay AA AAA NiMH NiCD Rechargeable Battery Charger

    • UPC: 740528465744
    • ASIN: B00EB7812C
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: 8-Bay in-pair Charger
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Model: EBL-C808 Latest Version Features: LED display the charging statues: shows orange(charging) - shows green(full charged). Controlled by MCU, automatically stop charging when detecting improper input voltage, defective or short circuit or non rechargeable batteries. Using -∆V intellectual cut-off charging method, automatically turn to trickle... [Read More]

  • EBL 2800mAh Ni-MH AA Rechargeable Batteries (8 Pack) and 808U Rechargeable AA AAA Battery Charger with 2 USB Charging Ports

    • ASIN: B07FQD7PZ5
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: 808U+8AA
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Compatible1. Freely charge 2/4/6/8 AA AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD rechargeable batteries;2. Support to charge your 2 different phones or 1 tablet while charging batteries. Note: Please don't charge alkaline or lithium batteries.Good Heat DissipationEfficient prevents overload, over heating, over current & voltage, and short circuit for safer, faster charging, ... [Read More]

  • BONAI LCD Universal Battery Charger for AA, AAA, C, D, 9V Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries with Discharge Function

    • ASIN: B075MBQMFJ
    • Brand: BONAI
    • Size: LCD Universal Battery Charger
    • Manufacturer: BONAI

    Bonai Universal Battery Charger with Discharge FunctionCompatible Models:Independent charging slot, can charge different compatible batteries freely.For Ni-MH Ni-CD rechargeable batteries: 1/2/3/4 AA, AAA, C, D and 1/2 9V batteries.Environment ConditionsUsing Environment: Temperature: 0-40?; Humidity:?85%Storage Environment: Temperature: -10-40?; ... [Read More]

  • EBL AA 2800mAh (4 Pack) and AAA 1100mAh (4 Pack) Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries and 808U Rechargeable AA AAA Battery Charger with 2 USB Charging Ports

    • ASIN: B07FQ7QNDL
    • Brand: EBL
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    EBL 808U Battery Charger with 4 Pack 2800mAh, 4 Pack 1100mAh Ni-MH Rechargeable Batteries.EBL 808U Rechargeable Battery charger, ultra for AA AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery and phones/tablet.Lighter & Smarter - 808U Battery chargerOnly 168g, the 808U is lighter than its previous version EBL 808 battery charger;The 808U upgraded with 2 USB out... [Read More]

  • EBL Charger with Batteries - 8Bay Battery Charger and AA Batteries 2,800mAh (4Pcs) & AAA Rechargeable Batteries (4Pcs) - Durable & Long lasting Batteries

    • UPC: 503710343257
    • ASIN: B00FQ6K7TC
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: 8-Bay in-pair Charger + 4 AA + 4 AAA
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Model of charger: EBL-808 (Latest Version) Features: LED state the charging statues : on(charging)- turn to green(fully charged) Overheat-detection to prevent over-charging Short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection Negative delta V (- ∆V) cut-off function,automatically cut off when fully charged Compatible: Can both charg... [Read More]

  • EBL LCD Smart Individual AA AAA Rechargeable Battery Charger for Ni-MH Ni-CD

    • UPC: 600316416412
    • ASIN: B0148675JA
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: Battery Charger
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Model EBL 907 is professional on AA, AAA Ni-MH/Ni-CD rechargeable battery. Individual function helps to charge batteries in pairs and single. Features of charger Input: 100-240V AC, 50/60 Hz 500mA Max Output: 1x AA 1.2VDC 2000mA, 1x AAA 1.2VDC 2000mA; 2x AA 1.2VDC 1000mA, 2x AAA 1.2VDC 1000mA; 3x AA 1.2VDC 500mA, 3x AAA 1.2VDC 500mA; 4x AA 1.2VDC 5... [Read More]

  • Panasonic K-KJ17M3A4BA Advanced Individual Cell Battery Charger Pack with 4 AAA eneloop 2100 Cycle Rechargeable Batteries

    • UPC: 073096902404
    • ASIN: B010U57MSW
    • Brand: eneloop
    • Size: 4-Pack
    • Manufacturer: Panasonic

    The Panasonic CC17, 4-position Ni-MH battery charger delivers advanced, individual cell charging capabilities. Ideal for use at home, in the office, or on the road, this Panasonic CC17 charger is a convenient way to recharge any combination of up to four AA or AAA Ni-MH eneloop, eneloop pro, or conventional Panasonic Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. T... [Read More]

  • RayHom 8 Bay Smart LCD AA, AAA Ni-MH Ni-Cd Battery Charger

    • UPC: 652054251923
    • ASIN: B07DXS9D21
    • Brand: RayHom
    • Size: AA,AAA ( battery charger)
    • Manufacturer: RayHom

    Adapter Specification Model:RM-SP-12-12 Input:100-240V 50-60HZ 0.4A Output:DC-12V 1000mA Battery Charger Specification Model:RM-33 Input:DC-12V 1000mA Output left four cells: 2000mA+/-200mA100% for one cell50% for two cells33% for three cells25% for four cellsRight four cells: 2000mA+/-200mA 100% for one cell 50% for two cells 33% for three cells ... [Read More]

  • EBL 12 Bay Battery Charger with LCD Display for AA AAA 9V NIMH NICD Rechargeable Batteries

    • UPC: 701256715242
    • ASIN: B00OT7HSBO
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: Universal Charger
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Model EBL-999 Rechargeable Battery Charger - For AA AAA Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery and 9V Ni-MH Li-ion Rechargeable Battery Convenient for using Freely charge 1/2/3/4......10 pieces AA/AAA NI-MH/NI-CD batteries and 1 or 2 pieces 9V batteries Safety protected * Controlled by MCU, and using -△V pulse charging, automatically when charge... [Read More]

  • EBL Smart Battery Charger for C D AA AAA 9V Ni-MH Ni-CD Rechargeable Batteries with Discharge Function & LCD Display

    • UPC: 709445071049
    • ASIN: B073ZD7XVV
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: Upgraded Charger
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Two Model - Charge & Discharge Press the blue button for charging and discharging "CHG" -- Charging; "DISCHG" -- Discharging; "ERROR"-- install the battery incorrectly or the battery is broken one. MCU controlled, Safety Protected Negative delta V (- ∆V) cut-off function (except for 9V batteries), overcharge protection, short circuit protection ... [Read More]

  • EBL 16-Pack AA Rechargeable Batteries (ProCyco 2800mAh) with AA AAA Battery Charger

    • UPC: 701256715709
    • ASIN: B00RVH0WA8
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: 16-Pack AA + Charger
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    About batteries: EBL AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries are great for use in your household devices, such as digital cameras, toys, remote controls,hand held games,2-way radios, PDAs, flashlights,alarm-clocks,LCD-TVs, Toothbrushes, Shavers and portable audio players, delivering dependable power allowing you to maximize your music, gaming, com... [Read More]

  • Duracell - Ion Speed 4000 Battery Charger with 2 AA and 2 AAA Batteries - charger for Double A and Triple A batteries

    • UPC: 641438036317
    • ASIN: B00DTE6QSY
    • Brand: Duracell
    • Manufacturer: Braun Duracell

    The Duracell Ion Speed 4000 NiMH Battery Charger offers amazingly fast charge times of 1 2.5 hours* with 4000 mW** of charging power. It recharges any rechargeable AA and AAA NiMH battery from any brand. You can recharge 2 or 4 batteries at a time and, with the LED Charge Status Indicator, you’ll know when charging is complete. It also features a... [Read More]

  • EBL Quick & Convenient Smart Battery Charger for AA AAA Rechargeable Batteries - USB Input Design for Travel

    • UPC: 606089464377
    • ASIN: B01M9A2O98
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: iQuick battery charger
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Model EBL-NQ005 Rechargeable Battery Charger - Ultra fit for 2/4 AA AAA Ni-MH/Ni-CD Rechargeable Battery. Best Choice for Travel - Mini & Portable USB Battery Charger It is time to say goodbye with AC adapter and AC socket when charging rechargeable batteries. Unique USB design freely compatible with all 5V USB enable devices like power bank, adapt... [Read More]

  • Tenergy TN438 16 Bay Smart Charger with LCD and Built-in IC Protection, AA/AAA NiMH/NiCd Rechargeable Batteries Charger with AC Wall Adapter and Car Adapter

    • UPC: 844949026192
    • ASIN: B00ZYTX93M
    • Brand: Tenergy
    • Size: Charger
    • Manufacturer: Tenergy

    The Tenergy TN438 16-Bay charger is our largest consumer charger to date. With Smart circuit detection, all 16 channels function independent of each other, allowing for any combination of AA/AAA or NiCD/NiMH to be charged at once, with a clear LCD display of current charge status. The large volume of channels eliminates the need for multiple char... [Read More]

  • EBL AAA Rechargeable Batteries Precharged 8 Pieces 1100mAh AAA Batteries with Battery Charger for AA AAA Batteries

    • UPC: 503710350514
    • ASIN: B00M2RA8ZQ
    • Brand: EBL
    • Size: 8-Bay in-pair Charger + 8AAA
    • Manufacturer: EBL

    Model of charger: EBL-808 Features: LED state the charging statues : on(charging)-off(fully charged) Overheat-detection to prevent over-charging Short circuit protection and reverse polarity protection Negative delta V (- ∆V) cut-off function,automatically cut off when fully charged Compatible: Can both charge AA and AAA Ni-MH Ni-Cd rec... [Read More]

  • AmazonBasics AAA Rechargeable Batteries (12-Pack) Pre-charged - Battery Packaging May Vary

    • UPC: 192233053073
    • ASIN: B007B9NXAC
    • Brand: AmazonBasics
    • Size: AAA 12 Pack
    • Manufacturer: AmazonBasics

    Low self discharge battery, Minimum capacity 750 mAh, Protection for Overcharge, Can meet HSF requirement. An Amazon Brand.

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