10 Greatest Magic Tricks Ever Performed

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  • MasterMagic Magic Kit - Easy Magic Tricks For Children - Learn Over 350 Spectacular Tricks With This Magic Set - Ideal For Beginners and Kids of All Ages!

    • ASIN: B073F69VJG
    • Brand: MAGIC MASTER
    • Manufacturer: MasterMagic

    Look No Further - Your search for the ideal Magic Kit for your child or grandchild is finally over. This set is designed to give children ages 5-14 a successful first journey into the world of magic. Beginners will be able to perform the tricks contained in the kit right from the start. And with 350 tricks to choose from, there's plenty of magic he... [Read More]

  • Melissa & Doug Deluxe Magic Set, Kids Magic Set, 10 Classic Tricks, Step-By-Step Instructions, 3.8" H x 14.1" W x 9.6" L

    • UPC: 707003214860
    • ASIN: B0001YNLLK
    • Brand: Melissa & Doug
    • Size: Standard Version
    • Manufacturer: Melissa & Doug

    This fantastic set includes 10 professional caliber, yet easy-to-master, tricks for beginners! Young magicians will improve their confidence and fine motor skills as they amaze family and friends with exciting tricks and illusions! "Secret Silks," "Magic Number Prediction," “Egyptian Prediction” are among the ten classic tricks included. Say th... [Read More]

  • Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase

    • UPC: 802589388445
    • ASIN: B000PWNGV8
    • Brand: Ideal
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    Ideal Magic Spectacular Magic Suitcase lets children wow their audiences and amaze even themselves! Learn the great secrets of illusion from one of the most complete magic sets ever made. This set comes with a magic hat, magic wand, suitcase that doubles as a magician's table, props, instructions and codes for online videos starring magician Ryan O... [Read More]

  • 3 Bees & Me Deluxe Magic Kit Set with Toy Wand & 75 Magic Tricks for Beginners - Best Age 6 7 8 9 10

    • UPC: 761780307320
    • ASIN: B07D7JG2Y7
    • Brand: 3 Bees & Me
    • Manufacturer: 3 Bees and Me

    Got a budding Houdini in your life? Chock-full of favorite tricks, this magic kit will captivate your boy or girl while helping them to build critical self-esteem. Want to give your child options for play beyond the tablet or phone? Turn that rainy day into endless fun with the 3 Bees and Me Magic Kit for Kids. With 75 jaw-dropping tricks, it has a... [Read More]

  • Jim Stott's 'Ultimate Street Magic Kit, Magic Tricks Set for Adults, Svengali Card Deck, The Ultimate Levitation System, Secret Vanishing Device, Penetrating Rubber Bands, Coin Thru Glass, and More

    • UPC: 793631749539
    • ASIN: B017MA56T0
    • Brand: Jim Stott Magic
    • Manufacturer: Custom Magic Kits

    If you love magic like we do, then you've most likely seen many different magic tricks, but there's just something amazing about magic that's easy to perform on the streets. Keep people on the edge of their seats with our intense magic tricks that will leave them wanting more! Magic is a great form of entertainment for all ages and is almost always... [Read More]

  • Jim Stott's 'Ultimate Magic Kit, Magic Tricks Set for Adults, Magic Cards Box, Svengali Card Deck, The 3 Rope Mystery, The Incredible Levitation System, Magic Sponge Balls, Magic Pen Penetration

    • UPC: 040232044090
    • ASIN: B00FVVFP7G
    • Brand: Jim Stott Magic
    • Manufacturer: Custom Magic Products

    If you love magic like we do, then you've most likely seen many different magic tricks, but there's just something amazing about magic that involves your audience members. Keep people on the edge of their seats with our intense magic tricks that will leave them wanting more! Magic is a great form of entertainment for all ages and is almost always a... [Read More]

  • Discovery Box of Magic by Horizon Group USA, Great Stem Science Experiments, Over 50 Magic Tricks & Optical Illusions, Magic Wand & Instructions Included

    • UPC: 765940710333
    • ASIN: B073GGH1GY
    • Brand: Discovery
    • Manufacturer: Horizon Group

    Introduce your child to the wonderful world of illusion with the Discovery box of magic! Follow the illustrated instruction booklet to learn over 50 tricks to be amazed by floating wands, mind-reading tricks and disappearance before your very eyes! Practice makes perfect; watch as your little magician determinedly works to achieve Each trick and be... [Read More]

  • Joshua Jay's Amazing Book of Cards: Tricks, Shuffles, Stunts & Hustles Plus Bets You Can't Lose

    • ASIN: 0761158421
    • ISBN: 0761158421
    • Brand: Workman Publishing
    • Manufacturer: Workman Publishing Company

    Finally, here's how to do all those showy tricks and flourishes that card players are dying to know: how to send a deck cascading from one hand to the other. How to snap open two flawless fans. How to cut a deck with one hand. Choose four aces seemingly at random. Flick a card accurately across the room.The clearest, easiest-to-follow book of step-... [Read More]

  • Mega Magic Tricks Set for Kids. Perform Hundreds Today's Most Exciting Tricks. Magic Kit with Instructional DVD

    • UPC: 806810314678
    • Brand: Learn & Climb
    • Manufacturer: Uncle Bunny Magic

    For the Ultimate Child MagicianDo you want the ultimate magic set for kids, that is easy to learn and provides endless hours of fun for your child? The Uncle Bunny magic trick set allows children to perform the most fascinating magic tricks. In no time at all, your child will delight you with their new magic tricks. Let the abracadabra’s start th... [Read More]

  • Kids Deluxe 12pc Magician Costume Set w/Storage Bag Black, Red

    • UPC: 638936826571
    • ASIN: B01E7CPC3G
    • Brand: MMP Living
    • Size: 12 pc
    • Manufacturer: MMP Living

    TA-DA! Wave the wand and pull a rabbit out of your hat! Dress up and perform your very first magician tricks with this deluxe magician costume set. The satin magic hat folds, then pops into action with a secret compartment to make just about anything disappear. Reversible satin cape with ruby red lining, basic wand, gloves and rabbit hand-puppet ar... [Read More]

  • Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit

    • UPC: 669860028274
    • ASIN: B019JBZMX0
    • Brand: Criss Angel MINDFREAK
    • Manufacturer: Angel Productions Worldwide, Inc.

    Criss Angel MINDFREAK Professional Magic Kit includes: 2 Techno Appearing Lights, Large Mind Reading Blackboard w/ Marker, Large Cups & Balls, Criss' Secret Floating Device, Capture (as seen on Criss' TV Series), Large Levitating Vase, 6 Mental-Freak Cards, Coin Case Transformation, Magic Card Case, MINDFREAK Secret Deck 1, Prediction Tubes, 2 Secr... [Read More]

  • Jim Stott's 'Ultimate Card Magic Kit, Magic Tricks Set for Adults, Svengali Card Deck, Phantom Marked Deck, The Wizard Stripper Deck, Vanishing Card Case, The Magic Card Box, and More

    • UPC: 040232022685
    • ASIN: B00CBEO0GI
    • Brand: Jim Stott Magic
    • Manufacturer: Jim Stott Magic

    If you love magic like we do, then you've most likely seen many different magic tricks, but there's just something amazing about magic that involves cards. Keep people on the edge of their seats with our intense magic tricks that will leave them wanting more! Magic is a great form of entertainment for all ages and is almost always a crowd pleaser! ... [Read More]

  • Ideal 40-Trick Magic Show Kit

    • UPC: 885409646956
    • ASIN: B0013VA8R0
    • Brand: Ideal
    • Size: ()
    • Manufacturer: Ideal

    Ideal 40 Trick Magic Show Kit contains everything your little magician needs to put on a mysterious magic show! The tricks they’ll learn in this set are a great introduction to the fun and exciting art form known as magic! Includes 4 fuzzy balls, 3 cups, 1 magic mystery deck of cards, 1 thumb tip, 1 levitation tool and an instruction sheet. Some ... [Read More]

  • Ideal My First Magic Set

    • UPC: 747725303367
    • ASIN: B0016ARXFS
    • Brand: Ideal
    • Size: None
    • Manufacturer: POOF-Slinky

    Our easiest tricks designed specifically for small hands, This is a great beginners magic set. Like all cadaco magic sets the trick are easy to learn and easy to perform with a professional result. Lots of great tricks and even a magic wand and comes with DVD instructions that go step by step showing how to perform the tricks.

  • The Secret Box - Amazing Magic Trick

    • UPC: 714447006289
    • ASIN: B00MNR0AZ8
    • Brand: Magic Makers
    • Manufacturer: Magic Makers

    Try to imagine what's inside this small tin. You give it a shake and you feel there's something inside. Perhaps you may think it is a ring or a coin. But, after you look inside be ready to be fooled! This trick is so deceptive, it will even fool magicians! THIS ITEM CAN BE HANDED OUT FOR INSPECTION!

  • Tesoky Magic Kit for Kids Age 6-10 Magic Tricks for Kids 8-10 Year Old Birthday Gifts for Boys 6-10 Year Old Party Favor Magic Tricks Magic Set for 6-10 Year Old. (red) GMA1

    • UPC: 753594419290
    • ASIN: B07RW6R5T3
    • Brand: Tesoky
    • Manufacturer: Tesoky

    👉This fantastic magic set includes 75 classic magic tricks, yet easy-to-master, tricks for beginners! 👉Magician Wands:Every little magician, wizard or sorceress needs his or her magic wand to perform their tricks and dazzle their audience. Wands are essential pieces,This wand has some special hidden properties that make it an actual... [Read More]

  • Learn & Climb Beginners Magic kit Set for Kids - Exciting Magician Tricks, Manual + Instruction DVD

    • UPC: 806810314777
    • ASIN: B07579KGFX
    • Brand: Learn & Climb
    • Manufacturer: Learn & Climb

  • Thames & Kosmos Magic Hat with 35 Tricks

    • UPC: 814743012547
    • ASIN: B01NBZ74I3
    • Brand: Thames & Kosmos
    • Manufacturer: Thames & Kosmos

    Enter the world of magic and sorcery! With the magic hat and rabbit puppet, as well as more than 40 other magic props, kids as young as six years old can learn and perform 35 magic tricks. The manual teaches most of the tricks in three easy steps accompanied by color illustrations, first clearly explaining which magic props are needed, then how the... [Read More]

  • Apipi 10 Pcs Magic Props Set- 4 Red Magic Sponge Balls, 2 Color Changing Silk Hanky Magic Scarves, 2 Magic Metal Ring Chains and 2 Thru Dollar Bill Magic Pens for Magic Penetrating Trick Streets Toys

    • UPC: 822985581974
    • ASIN: B07RV7BJ5Q
    • Brand: Apipi
    • Manufacturer: APIPI

    10 Pcs Magic Props Set for Magic Trick Play! Package Includes:-4 pcs red Magic Sponge Balls-2 pcs silk Magic Scarves-2 pcs Magic Metal Ring Chains-2 pcs Magic Penetrating PensExplanation On How To Use: -MAGIC SPONGE BALLS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IEjR5Ze6ae8 -SILK MAGIC SCARVES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hiSoye98VM -MAGIC RING CHAIN... [Read More]

  • Click N' Play Magic Tricks Set for Kids Over 150 Tricks Includes Manual & DVD Tutorial

    • UPC: 810301031500
    • ASIN: B07JMZH2ZZ
    • Brand: Click N' Play
    • Manufacturer: Click N' Play

    Keep your audiences mesmerized with this amazing "150 magic trick set". Made of high quality material and accessories. Set includes; magic hat, bunny, cards, wand, cups and ball tricks, paddle tricks, thumb tip tricks, rope tricks and more!. Also included is a step by step illustrated manual with a DVD tutorial how to perform classical "hat and rab... [Read More]

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